Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Fun

Getting ready for Valentine's Day
is one of my favorite things to do!
This year I had lots of help.
First up...

My helper?  Roo. 
He is my sidekick...
all day,
I thought he wanted to help,
but it turned out he just wanted to eat the treats.
While I packaged the candy,
he was my eye candy.
Dirty...but cute.
Then...."The Valentine Box!"
Annie was my helper here.

(inspiration from my sister Auntie Cake)
with a secret door for Valentines.

And of course the pink uniform shirt!

Ooooo....the boys just want to get their hands on all that ruffly frosting!

And then there is the decorating crew.
 I just set them loose with heart kits.

They put a little love EVERYWHERE.

and I do mean everywhere...
Last there are the "secret preparations."

The Valentine school snack box,
A little puppy love,


and a little chocolate.

Since I didn't get Kit anything this year I let him help,

And of course...

the balloons.

Valentine's Day.
Bring it on...
We are ready for love!
A peek at last year's box RIGHT HERE
& my fave is her 2015 box HERE


Monica said...

Happy, happy Valentine's Day. I love all of your decorations, and letting the kids help makes it all much more special.

Liz Mays said...

You are a model of how to do everything right!

Unknown said...

how darling are all of your kids? your new little kit is just precious! congratulations libbie! i am DYING at annie's cupcake valentine's box ... cutest one i think i have ever seen!!! it'll be the hit of the classroom for sure. love all the hearts around your house too! you're too sweet - enjoy this day! xoxo

Jo said...

Your house looks very festive! I always forget about balloons. Elijah loves them and I'm sure he would really like it if he got one for Valentines Day. I like how they got to put hearts all around. How do you have sticky on the back, but not have them stick to each other? I may try this next year, if I remember.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your the sweetest mom and always so creative. Annie's box is adorable! Have a beautiful Valentine's Day.....

It's me said...

Owww sweet Kit...sweet all....!!...Happy Valentine's day love love Ria......❤ ❤ ❤ .....

birdie blue said...

happiest of valentine wishes to you, libbie. your little ones couldn't be any sweeter, especially your newest addition, kit. congratulations on your little man, he's adorable!

enjoy the rest of the day with your beautiful family.

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

Happy Valentines Day to You Libby ~ How adorable are your kids, I can't believe how big Roo is getting & of course Kit . I just wrote a comment on Annie's Blog, How Precious is she ~ bet she is just like her Mommy!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Annie's valentines box!!!! I might have to borrow that idea for my ladies...when they get to make their own. Hope you had a very special valentines day!:0)
I can't believe how old Roo is looking...he looks like a little man already! When did that happen!?

Karen said...

Libbie, I swuannieee, you and your sister come up with the darling-est crafts I have ever seen!!! But what takes the cupcake are your darling kiddos! The baby is an angel! Blessings**

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

dear libbie this is what i mean what a wonderful mum you are.the house looks good with all those hearts.I wish we did more on valetines time as it looks so great.I think i will next year.Hey I thought i was a follower but wasnt so I am now a very proud follower of your blog-love dee x

nancygrayce said...

Oh, my goodness! What a great Valentine's box! I'll bet Annie was the envy of her class. That is so great and what a mama you are! I'm a middle sister too, but you're way ahead of me in the crafty department.

I'll get Annie had a happy day!

the old white house said...

you.are.amazing! How do you do it all? Seriously, I'm just lucky to help Max put wings on a box and call it a plane for his box! Truth be told, he doesn't want my help with that kind of stuff... he's a hands on kinda guy! Annies cupcake box is fabulous and those little love helpers are adorable and KIT--- well, oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute! What a sweet family you have Lib! love,t.xoxooxox

Marla said...

Oh, those beautiful kids!!!

Cheyenne said...

Friend, I don't know if I ever left a hearty congratulations on the wonderful addition of sweet Kit! I have gotten into the most terrible habit of reading posts and signing out without saying a wee hello, or commenting on the most important things---like you have the CUTEST kids on the face of the planet. I will say it forever are a wonderwoman and such a great can see it in the smiles on your children's faces! Hooray for babies! Hope you are doing well.