Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bo's Valentine Box

Ideas come easy to me for girly things,
but for boys?
I'm clueless.
So that's when I ask the expert.
He may look young but he is a genius when it comes to boy stuff,
"Bo what do boys like?"
"Fish, spiders & snakes"
"Fish it is."
For Bo's Valentine box we decided to make a Valentine bowl.
We grabbed out our old fish bowl & a little glitter glue.
He painted the water in.
We knew it was perfect because...heaven was shinning on it.
We haven't seen the sun in months...but there it was
...shining on the bowl perfectly :)
I was too cheap to pay 2 bucks for stickers
when all I needed was 2 letters. :)
I colored contact paper with a sharpie
& we printed a font off the computer to cut out.
Not perfect but free!
We filled it with our old rocks & plants.
The bowl only need one more thing...
 We decided we wanted BIG ones!
We took 2 full sheets of paper & glued them together with a wadded up tissue stuck in the middle.
Then just cut out some fish shapes,
and glittered the heck out of them!
We found that it was very important not to forget:
Then they went for swim
in the Valentine Bowl!
I loved that they could take them out & play.
We had so much fun with it!
The space Valentines we bought
just seemed wrong so we got busy.
He turned out to be a glitter artist.
And we had a full on Glitterpalooza.
Three full jars seriously ended up on the rug,
(not him....Baby Kit)
but Bo's hard work paid off  when we slapped
fishies on all his Valentine treats.
He was pretty excited to take it to school.
And it came home STUFFED with Valentines.

He was one Happy boy!

Except there was a little of this:
Cause he couldn't believe he'd get princess pretzels from a girl!

He gave those to the baby who didn't mind the princess at all.
And when we are ready to get a real fish again
I'm just going to wash the glue out.
But for now we are pretty happy with just
& Miss Molly.


It's me said...

Owwww how i love this !!! from me happy sunday you all !! !!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is one of the most adorable Valentine's Boxes I have ever seen.
Always enjoy seeing your projects with your children.

the old white house said...
I can't decide which one I like more, Annie's or Bo's! They both did an awesome job. Unfortunately Max's school decided that 5th graders were too old for Valentines Parties. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? too old to tell eachother something nice!
To be honest the parties that they throw aren't really parties anyway, they've become so politically correct in everything they do they have forgotten how to celebrate kid-style. lucky for yours they still remember the good stuff is important too.
Tell Annie that I am throwing flowers at her right now... :)
love, t.oxoxoox

Jo said...

Love this idea for an art project for school. Looks like he made out good with the valentines. It's so funny how kids are at this age with boy vs girl things.