Monday, August 8, 2011

Under the Sea Party

When we were in Alabama we picked up a few goodies for Annie to host a beach luncheon with her friends.

So what do little girls eat at a beach lunch?

Sweedish Fish in Jello

Watermelon Sudaes

Cheese Kabobs

Peanut Butter & Celery "Seaweed"

Tuna Salad & Noodles

& Princess Cakes for dessert

The girls each loved their "message in a bottle." 

After lunch they filled
their little bottles with sand & tiny shells.

(Cracker Barrel Syrup Bottles)

The girls were bonded with matching bracelets.

We had a lovely afternoon
& I got the best thank you ever...a concert!

When I was folding all that blue fabric up
Bo said, "I want to get on there."
I said, "You don't get on this, it's fabric"
"Then why was I just on it &
Rocco was pulling me all over the house?"
"That is a very good question, Bo."


Little Penpen said...

I love Bo! LOL The party decorations were beautiful and I admit, I clicked to enlarge the pic. of Annie reading her message in the bottle... trying to be nosey and read her message. It didn't work. :o( You are the BEST mom, ever! Your kids are building so many good memories.

Chrissy Bee said...

Seriously? Will you please stop making me look like the most inept, least creative mom on the planet! :)

Beautiful, as always!

koralee said...

What JOY! What blessed children you have ...they have YOU! This party is amazing..and the creative!

Sending you oodles of MONDAY Joy my sweet friend. xoxoxoox

Beth said...

If you're not an event planner, you totally should be. That theme and decor and idea is brilliant!

It's me said...

Owwww those sweet girls....lovely !!!

Two Shades of Pink said...

This is just so inspiring, sweet, and utterly wonderful! Why are you able to convey such happiness on your joy filled blog every time you post? this party is so spectacular and I love every thoughtful detail. You are an amazing party organizer but more importantly...YOU BLESSED ANNIE AND THOSE GIRLS FOR THE KINGDOM! What edifying notes you gave, what love!!!! I just love you LIB. You bless my heart. AND AS I AM TYPING I JUST REALIZED YOU LEFT ME A VOICE MAIL I HAVE YET TO HEAR! HUNTING DOWN CELL PHONE NOW! But regardless...YOU ARE AMAZING!

Just Add Walter said...

¥ou always throw the BEST parties!! I literally want to be a guest at every single one!! love love love!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great luncheon! the girls look like they had a great time. nice end to the luncheon as well.
bo - too cute.

michelle said...

You throw the greatest parties! They look so cute and the food looks really good! That was so sweet of them to give you a little concert, what a great day!

Daisy said...

Hi. Cute Party!! The lady who originally won the cupcake book in my giveaway has not responsed back to me and its been 3 days, so I picked you name 2an and would like to reward you with the prize....I am sure Annie will like it!!

Daisy said...

oopps, so if you can email your info such as Name and Address to then the lady will be getting your book in the mail!

T's Daily Treasures said...

ha-ha! Those boys are a hoot! What a lovely, beachy party for Annie and her friends. I think you should be a party planner, Libbie! Seriously, you have the best get togethers. This is even something I would love -- I'm all about themes and colors when it comes to gifts and gatherings. Have a terrific Tuesday! Tammy

Jo said...

I love the blue "drapery" and the themed food. The note in the bottle is a nice touch too. I'm sure the girls will treasure them for a long time.

clau said...

Such beautiful party!!!Loooovely decorations!!!

Classic Style Blog said...

Oh´nt this a glorious party ?
Lovely decoration /Marie

smilernpb said...

Can I just ask one question - are you the COOLEST Mom or what?! xx

Polka Dot Daze said...

Your such a cool mum!

pollydove said...

Libbie, Libbie, Libbie ... will you be my mommy? Pretty pleeeeeeeease!?!?!?! :)

Pam said...

You are so creative Libbie. I love all your party themes!!

Anonymous said...

How Cute!! Love this and all the fun ideas!!

Anonymous said...

How Cute!! Love this and all the fun ideas!!

internetexplorer said...

This is my sister's favorite theme. It's sweet, colorful and just suits a kid's innocence. Glad to be exploring the net and found great under the sea party ideas like this. THis is going to be my niece's party theme next year. yehey <3 God bless always! I would love to pin some photos from this post hope it's find with you.