Friday, February 26, 2010

Hey Mr. Postman

Well, my husband is starting to get a little suspicious.  The postman has been coming to the door so often he is getting a little jealous! 

Just look at this package from my sweet friend Gail of Obee Designs! I received the T-shirt I ordered & she sent the sweetest package filled with goodies for the kids & me!
She thought of everyone!!!  & I have to say...I do look kinda hot in her designer T-shirt :)  Just ask my hubby :)  I LOVE IT!
Thank you Gail!!!

Then the next day...DING DONG!
Donna from Brynwood Neddleworks had packed up the most fun Valentine's Giveaway Package & I WON!  I mean you know Valentines+Giveaway=Wonderful, but Donna made it extra special! 
And just look at the LOVE she put into this pillow!

Well I have to tell you...I do like to see the postman come!  But look at Rocco.
Do you see any resemblence?
If I were Kelly (hubby).  I would be way more worried about the Schwan's man.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blue & White Stripes

Alright, I know my clue was kinda hokey, especially when you see what it really is, but Hey, your here!  :)  One of my FAVORITE things is peeking inside of your know nosing around a, I'm nosey.  :)  But those stripes that I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE are the walls of my bedroom!
My husband came home from work one day & was a LITTLE shocked how much masking tape I had on the walls.  He knew I wanted stripes, he just didn't realize how I planned to do it.  He thought I was nuts & then joined right in. 

It's pretty cramped with Rocco's crib but we LOVE him in with us & don't mind rearranging a bit for our babes.  The kids all love being in it too.

Some people LOVE spending money on art but since I can't afford the good stuff I always make my own.
This is actually a picture Annie sleeping in our bed under blue Christmas Tree lights.

We LOVE to cuddle here.
I have a picture on my bedside table of Annie holding Bo in this onsie.
So when Rocco was wearing it we couldn't resist getting more pics.

So many many more to make!

When Rocco was born I said, "Bo...peek in at Rocco."
Not exactly what I had in mind. wasn't real exciting but I just wanted to invite you in today :)  And please, when you are giving tours....INVITE ME!  I would love to pop over!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Winner & a Clue

  I am so happy this lovely T-shirt designed by Obee Designs is going to Christy Rose of The Secret Life of  an American Wife & Mom.  I will email you & get your info!  I am excited for you...I just really think they are seriously cute :) 

Thanks for all your well wishes!  I am actually upright today & soooo thankful for health & a healthy family. 

Here's a sneak peek at my next post:

Hmmmmm :)
Kate...shhhh!  You too Rach!

Oh & if you want a FABULOUS party idea.  You HAVE TO see the party I got to attend this summer on my sister's blog HERE. was fun :) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Funny Kid 10

   This girl has been cracking me up lately.  She has been carrying around an old lap top saying, "I gotta go blog". 

And this is a conversation we just had:

"Annie, remind me to pick up hair dye at Target".
"Okay Mom...get hair dye at Target."
"No, remind me when we get there."
"Okay mom.  Remind me to say that again when we get there."

She was serious!

The next day... 

   We were in the car about 1 mile from my parents & she was aching & holding her tummy, "I don't feel good!  I don't feel good!  I have to go to the bathroom!"
   Since we were stopped at a red light I tried talking to her to distract her, "Okay honey, we are almost there.  Did you know that when you have to go really bad like that it is called diarrhea?"  (The teacher in me :).
  When we got to my parents' I was trying to hurry her inside & when we were waiting for them to answer the door she said, "Mom, I have to go so know...the FANCY name...diarrhea,"  as she smiled & raised her eyebrows up & down twice, so proud she remembered the fancy name :)  Fancy Nancy's got nothing on us!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's Checklist & GIVEAWAY

Hey Girls! 
Are you ready for Valentine's Day?


Valentine's Decorations?

Not finished until you use up ALL the glitter.

Romantic Music?

Check! Check! Check!

One Hunka Hunka Burning Love?
Back off ladies...this one is taken. 
Yeah Maggie, I'm talkin' to you :)

(I soooo hope he doesn't see this!)

And last but certianly not least...
A Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!
This T-shirt is created for sale in Gail of Obee Designs, Etsy Shop.  Her daughter Meghan designed the T-shirt and they are selling it for a great cause! 

"I watched this insidious disease take the lives of both of my grandfathers and compromise the life of my grandmother. I felt I needed to do something about it. My name is Meghan and I'm a High School senior. Help me create more awareness and stamp out this disease. When you buy one of my NEAR AND DEAR T-shirts you will be donating $3.00 to The American Heart Association."

If you don't win this one I hope you all go to their Etsy Shop to grab one!  I am getting one for me too!  It would make a great gift for daughters & granddaughters too!   They would LOVE this shirt!!!  I mean it is seriously cute!  And if you haven't met Gail stop by Obee Designs & you will be so glad you did! 

To enter please leave a comment on this post for one entry & let me know if you follow for another!  You don't need to follow for sure, but I love to give my followers an extra chance.  I will announce the winner in one week!  Sunday, February 21st.  Good Luck!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ice Skating Party

We had a lot of fun this weekend ice skating with the cousins.    It was Bo's first time on skates.
I married a hockey player so I am sure Bo will spend a lot of time on skates in the years to come.

It was Annie's first time skating without me having to hold her up the whole time!  Once she got going she was all over the place!
We skated on a long man-made canal (Centennial Lakes in Edina).  It has lots of bridges to go under &  music playing.   It is a little more than 1/2 a mile long.  It really is beautiful.  If you look under the bridge in this next picture you can kind-of see down the canal.
Rocco & his Cousin Calvin even got in on the fun.  The older cousins were so helpful at pulling them around.
He loved it :)

My mom brought some of her students. 
It was their first time ice skating ever! 
They did great !

When Bo got his skates off he was a maniac with the snowballs!

If you come to Minnesota we may just have to drag you along!