Saturday, May 17, 2014

Totally Magical!

It's here...our magical day.
May 17th

Today my Instagram feed was obnoxious!
But, the day was filled with moments I couldn't let slip away.

It's a wonderful combo of my niece's birthday.

(7 wearing her 17 year old cousin's boots)

She had the best party ever, complete 
with motorcycle rides from our cousin.

Yes...a line formed :)

It's also my parents anniversary...45 years today.

They embrace everyday and live life to the fullest.
(love you guys!)

And, as I told you about last year, it's the one day of the year when 
my little sister's kids & my kid's ages line up perfectly...
9 in a row.

We have to wait for today for Zadie to turn 7,
then tomorrow, Xander turns 3 and throws it off again.

Totally magical...and so is getting a good picture of theses guys.

Hope you had a little magic today! 
I'd love to hear about it!

Monday, May 12, 2014

So Worth It

 I saw this add on Craigslist:

I have been wanting one for a while 
& the price was amazing, 
so, I emailed hoping I'd be the first to respond.

& then I waited...


The next morning I texted the number.

He replied right away:

Tons of responses 
but no one seems in a hurry to come & get it.

I replied,
"I'll come right now!"

He said great.
He sent me his address to which I replied:

I HAD been on the way to drop my kids at church, my husband was 5 minutes behind me in another car.

I dropped the kids at their classes & called Kelly telling him I was making a mad dash for the table.  Then, as an after thought I texted him this before I pulled out of the parking lot:

& as I heard the sent message swoop sound, 
I noticed the craigslist guy's number at the top of my screen.

Oh no!  
I sent it to him!

I fumbled to send this:

No reply.

I drove 40 minutes in a terrible pouring rain
with lil' Kit asleep in the back, checking my phone at stoplights & 
the guy was NOT replying...

I was so nervous!
He didn't seem to nice in the first place.

5 minutes before I get to his house :


He didn't lock me out...
But I was right about the not so nice ...

"So, you got my message huh?" I laughed.

He smiled for a fourth of a second with his mouth & not his eyes, took one look at the monsoon & said, 
"You don't need help with that do ya?"

Thanks for the table."

Door shut.

But, I love it...
& they do too.

Making a total fool of myself, worth it!

I wish I could say that was a first but my friends Ashley & Mendie seem to get the wrong texts from me often, 
& my poor girlfriend Kelley...

...gets texts intended for my husband Kelly all the time.
Some girls never learn

Have you ever send text to the wrong person?