Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In My Defense...

In my defense...
he was just too cute, 
and totally dead serious, 
when he looked up at me with 
those big, long-lashed eyes, 
and asked if he could wear 
his new pajama top to school on picture day.

Without hesitation I just smiled 
I said yes.

Chewie is my Co-Pilot.

I mean it was his 7th birthday.


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Joy

My family has always loved visiting a live nativity.  
It always helps us refocus our hearts during the Christmas season.  

This year we thought it might be neat to 
bring that Christmas Joy to others.

The kids were pretty excited about the idea.

So, we all picked our parts, 
and ordered some costumes.

Then, at noon on Christmas Eve, 
we piled into our SUV
and drove to the busiest road in town. 

I'm sure we were quite the site with 
our giant car load of angels and shepherds tumbling out.

The very first car to pass, 
stopped in the middle of the road,
 and yelled out the window, 
"That's awesome!"

The kids were beaming.

The cold wind was blowing hard 
but the kids were ready to roll, 
and we started across the top of the hill. 

Mary & Joseph started off first.
The angel waited till they got far enough ahead
 and started on his way.

I bent down to help Blue adjust his mittens 
while the others took their cues,
and when I looked up my heart was deeply touched. 
I had the best view of it all.

It was beautiful.

The faces in the cars were priceless,
drivers honked,
mamas pointed to show their kids, 
smiles were pressed up against the glass with wide eyes.
We waved and smiled back, so excited that people were enjoying seeing Mary and Joseph walking down the road.

And as we rounded our last corner and the star was tiring out...

the little sheep leaned down and whispered something in his ear 
and the little star took off running down the road.

It was the best Christmas present ever.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I highly encourage families to start their own Nativity walk.
It was a true blessing to us all!
Please let me know if you do so I can post a link to yours next year.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Everyday Adventure

This summer my boys have fallen deep in love 
with fishing.

It's all they want to do.

After the lines are all untangled 
and we get through the first 5 minutes of, 

"Hey! You almost poked my eye out!" 
"Who hooked my shirt? Get it out!"

Then, they settle in.

No one even cares if they catch the biggest,

or the smallest.

And the sweetest conversations & teamwork happen.

It's magical & peaceful until:

"Mom!!!  My pole is stuck up in tree!"
(the tree that is so tall I couldn't fit it in the picture)

Then, the peacefulness is gone,
 because we are laughing too hard.

Until we cut that baby down.

(the pole, not the tree)

One thing for sure...
when you travel with a pack of boys,
everyday there is an adventure.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Just like Annie

This year Annie started playing fast pitch softball.

Her amazing coaches encouraged her to try out catcher.
She loves it.

When she gets home from practice she asks me to pitch 
(my wild pitches) as she practices.

She spends a loooooot of time like this:

So the boys spend a lot of time watching like this:

Monkeys See, Monkeys Do.
Gonna have some killer leg muscles.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Ugly Sweater

Roo is my elf all year round.  
If I'm cooking, he's chopping.
If I'm crafting, he's gluing.  
If Kelly is fixing, he's hammering.  

So when his class announced a: 
"Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest." 
I knew he'd be all hands-on.

Everyday he would get home from Kindergarten 
and ask me if I had picked up his supplies.
The problem was I was picking up 
lots and lots of supplies but had no plan.
Even picking up fabric with no clue what it would become.  

2 days to go and still nothing.
Finally, we just pulled it all out 
and made the one thing that has everything!

Lucky for me, Roo can run a hot glue gun 
like nobody's business.

He's happiest when he's gluing.

And then, we went mad, 
and supplies started flying everywhere 
until we had the perfect ugliest sweater.

And he was happy as could be.
(as all elves should be)

And he was pretty excited that he tied for first place.
He got a whopping 2 votes. :)

I better go try to catch him.
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wanted: Activity Director

On Sunday we dropped Annie off at Bible camp.

I miss that girl like crazy!

See Annie is our family activities director.
She keeps the boys busy all day long.

So now...
Guess who is the new activities director by default.
Yep, me.

We've been writing her letters,

jumping puddles,

watching planes,

just lots of busy boy stuff.

But, they still seem to find things to get into.

Yesterday morning, they brought me 
a giant newborn opposum in a jar.

Yes, I screamed,
 when it appeared from behind their backs 
and was thrust into my hands as a gift to me.

Then, later in the day Bo caught a pigeon in his fishing net.

I think I more yelled that time, 
"Bo! Let it go!"

So today I thought the zoo would take up 
a nice big chunk of the day and keep our adventures to a minimum.

Let's just say I sent this text to my sister:

So Laurie the zookeeper got the excitement today, 
all the kids around us yelling and pointing at her, 
"There's a lady in the monkey cage!"

Me, snapping pictures of her as she waded 
through the waist deep water with only knee deep boots on.

And the adventure of climbing the rocks,
 and hiking through the plants,
 to rescue a little boy and find his flip flop.

Rocco was so happy when she reached up and 
handed it to him under the railing.

We thanked her 
(and apologized) 
a hundred times.

Zookeeper Laurie was gracious and sweet,
Our new hero.

So today we gave the Gibbons something to watch,

and tomorrow I'm sure we will have some new animal adventure.

But at least it gives me something to put into my letters to Annie!

Get home girl!  You are missed :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just the Way It's Supposed to Be

Bo had his first baseball game tonight.

Baseball season is my favorite.
I can just sit in the sunshine and cheer for my baby.

Oh yeah no...I mean I chase my baby...

...and Kit sits in my chair and soaks up the sunshine.

This year Bo's team is the Grasshoppers.

And I won't lie...I was a little '"What? Grasshoppers?"  
what about something tough like last year?:

Now thunder is cool!  
Just look at that cloud! 

I was wondering how weird it would be to yell, 
"Go Grasshoppers!"

But then, we got to the game.
And the red team...
well just look at the picture I snuck of their coach:

Yep...The Chihuahuas.

Go ahead, try yelling "Go Chihuahuas!"

All of a sudden Grasshoppers seemed so cool!

I mean he even looks like a tough little grasshopper:

So, when Bo hit a home run I yelled 
"Go Grasshoppers!!!
with the other parents,
chased babies & didn't even care that Kit stole my chair, 
and Roo's sunflower seed. (Roo cared but I didn't)  

I have a feeling it's going to be a good season, 
full of home runs & dirty knees.

Just the way it's supposed to be.

Grasshoppers Rule!