Thursday, April 10, 2014


Lately, I've been looking in the mirror
& wondering who that lady is staring back at me. 
When did I get so old?
How did I gain so much weight?

Taking a selfie is very hard for me.
(took this selfie just for you :) 
One thing I can't get over is that I look like such a mom!!!

(this one was to show my mom my new hair color :)
So, I make plans look younger...
to get skinnier.
I was thinking of getting out my old pilates video
& then I remembered:
Last time I went to pilates with my sister Kate at the Club,
there were only about 10 of us in class.  The instructor walked around while we were pilatisizing, she encouraged each member, telling them what they were doing & how strong they looked...but she always passed me by.  Then, right before class was over...she stopped in front of me (I was determined to look strong as she looked me over), she cocked her head to one side & said in the most unsure voice I had ever heard,
"Your neck is in the right place." 
Oh my....maybe I'll just embrace the whole mom look
& just decorate my selfies
and my personal fave:
Yes...Option B is sounding much easier.
Saved me a lot of calorie burning tonight.
It's always good to have a plan B.
Since I am sure you all want to decorate your own selfies now...I used the Photofy App.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hats Off to Roo


I wish so badly that you knew Roo...I mean REALLY knew him.
He is the hardest of all my kids to say no to because he is so stinkin' sweet.  Plus, he has really long eyelashes that he bats at me,
gets me every time.
On Saturday he turned 3.
We used the morning to get ready for a little party.  I just got home from dragging the kids to Target for a few party supplies & he looks up at me, "Where are the party hats?"
Party hats! 
I didn't get any party hats...
and those eyes...they really do get me.
So we dragged out the felt box & got to work.
We just glued felt to cardstock and used a headband.
The kids told me what shape they wanted,
 I cut & they decorated.
I was really surprised how much fun we had,
and what a mess we made.
But, before we knew it we had hats for the gang,
& Annie was stuck with a cupcake on her head.
(hey~her idea not mine :)
She rocked it,
& everyone looked equally ridiculous.
& I do mean EVERYONE!
Which only added lots of giggles to the party.
(Uncle Dan is a good sport.)
Roo was particularly fond of his crown.
He thought it was fabulous,
& I even found him taking a selfie with Annie.
& wouldn't you know...
when his cousins FaceTimed him with birthday wishes...
He insisted on wearing his crown.
Saturday I lost my favorite Instagram hashtag #roo2
& #roo3 doesn't have the same flair...but were doing it anyway.
Here is to a fab #roo3.
Love you Roo.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Elf

Annie & Bo have been besties since he was born.
Wherever she is he is.
He sleeps on the floor in her room every single night.
He thinks the sun & moon rise for her
& he believes every single thing she says.
Yesterday, I was in the kitchen
& I over heard those two in the other room...
"So it was an elf who tooted Annie?"
Just 2 people in the room & he KNOWS he didn't do it.
That's my girl...blame the elf.
(Please if you see her...don't mention the elf...she'd just die!)
~although I DID get her permission to hit Publish, she closed her eyes & said, "Hit it!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Need a quick joke before the kids go to bed?
I was pretty lame today,
stuffed a toy turkey into Annie's snack bag,
Tricked Annie into trying to get into someone elses car when I picked her up from school, I believed my mom was robbed for 1/2 a second when she called,  but that's about it.
But Bo's teacher...well she was on a roll today!
And when Bo came home he told me each of her jokes...
he remembered them all :)
And then he sweetly told me he got
brownie today but he saved it for me.
WooHoo...I do love brownies :)
Then, he gave it to me.
Thanks Mrs. Troost for the Brown-E.
You might need to make some brownies for dessert tonight. still have time!
Any tricks played on you?
If you blogged about it I'd love to pop by!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break

This year my kids had an extra long
Spring Break, a week & a half.
The first day of break Annie & I typed out
a list of things we were going to, or really wanted to, do. 
 Tomorrow is the very last day before
heading back to school on Monday
& we got everything on this list checked off:

They did a lot of fun "stuff"
but that's not what made it special.
It was the smiles.

The excitement of trying things for the first time.

But, as exciting as learning to ski AND going down your first "black diamond" all on the same night is,
(That is my husband for you)
lots of the "specialness" was in our own kitchen.
In the quiet moments of concentration & togetherness.
 In my amazement as I watched her work,
she designed & filmed her own cooking show episodes
& started a new cooking blog.
In the wonderment of a new fish.

Everyday was special.
Because I had my 5,
and they love each other.
Do you get a Spring Break?
Trisha from American Honey Home You won the
Email & she will get that to you!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Charm Bracelet Giveaway

Annie & I feel like the luckiest girls in the world!

We were offered a chance to choose CHARM IT! bracelets & charms, but the best part might get the chance too!
You should have seen us
pouring over the Charms on the CHARM IT! Website!
She was literally squealing!
It was so cute!
Then, when we they arrived in the mail...
...she proclaimed it, "The best day of my life!!!"
We got to pick out a chain...

...and 5 charms
If you want to see what Annie picked click HERE.
I picked things that remind me of her, of us.
Being the only girls in the house we treasure our girl time,
 and as often as we can, we have secret chats while I paint her nails.


We both agree fro yo is one of the best inventions EVER!
We sneak out for little Frozen Yogurt dates.

And this darling little charm brought back so many memories
of her "Growing Up Too Fast" birthday party!

 And you know how passionate she is about making a difference.
When I saw this locket...I had a little leap of joy in my heart.

She believes it!

This heart with all its' sparkles, reminds me of her heart, 
it captures all the different colors of her personality.
I knew I had to have it.
It's soooo much more than a bracelet,
it's our story.
I knew from the website how cute the CHARM IT! charms were but once it arrived I was really impressed with how well made it was.  It's even little brother proof!  The attention to detail on each charm is amazing.  We had so much fun together admiring the tiny details that make each charm extra special.
I am super excited to give YOU an opportunity to
enter a giveaway for your very own CHARM IT! bracelet!
Thank you to the generosity of CHARM IT!
if you win you will get to pick out 5 charms
that tell YOUR own story!
This giveaway is open to residents of the 48 contiguous States.
Here is how you can get up to 5 entries:
1)  Leave a comment on this post.
2)  Visit CHARM IT! website & tell me your favorite charm.
3)  Tweet about the giveaway.
4)  Like CHARM IT! on Facebook
5)  Pin this:
Thank You CHARM IT!
Can't wait to see what the winner picks!!!





Friday, February 21, 2014

Battle Day

Annie has this book that she carries around.
It is well worn as she reads it A LOT.
But it's NOT because she loves chemistry.
It's because if you flip open the cover
you will see on the title page that
it's not really about chemistry at all:
It's jammed pack full of girl stuff like:
and has solutions for girl problems like:
 I gotta say....I have tried ALL these solutions for bad hair
....& they are not foolproof.

and my favorite page:
Last week Annie was reading her "Chemistry" book
and noticed a fun holiday coming up in Southern France:
And even though we don't live in France...
we've never really been the type to let something fun pass us by.
So we bought some flowers and decided
to throw them at whoever we wanted :)
She was all ready to go
but school was cancelled
because of a snow storm.
So, when our neighbor came over to snowblow our driveway...
Annie ran out, threw a flower at him,
& then they took a selfie :)
Then Annie grabbed some flowers and my phone
& headed over to get our neighbor Cathy.
When I asked Annie how it went
she said, "She opened the door & invited me in
& then I threw the flowers at her."
Cathy said,  "She's gonna tell her company
tonight where she got the pretty flowers."
So watch out.
If you see a little girl who looks like she is straight from Sochi,
she might just throw some flowers at you in honor of
Battle of the Flowers Day.
We have more flowers to throw
but I wanted to get this posted so you still have time... get some flowers!