Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Little Tour

No matter how much I want to deny it...
my baby girl is growing up.

We moved her into our home office last September & FINALLY this week we put the last piece in place.

So you want to see the rest?

Well, I hope you said, "YES!" 'cause I'm gonna make ya :)

(Moms with lots of kids are bossy)

I asked Annie if I could invite you in.

She thought I was a weirdo, but of course, she said yes.

So come on in!

Kelly & one of his good friends built the cupboards.

It pays girls, marry a many who is a hottie & a handyman.

A girl needs a good place to stash her goodies & let me tell one has more goodies than Annie.

When you walk in,
the wall to your right has her desk.

She keeps things special to her heart on display:

Her family,

Her friends,

 & the game pucks her coach gave her. :)

The wall to your left is filling up fast!

And only in a girl's room could there be a 
hockey trophy tucked behind a ballerina bunny.

And the head of her bed bears little moments 
 she never wants to forget.

Well girls...that's the tour.

Not too fancy, but just perfect for my girl,

and little brothers,

and cousins.

And it's my favorite room in the house.

Thanks for visiting! 
I'll tell Annie you stopped by! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Things

Holidays are about family.
The Fourth of July is my favorite!

It's the little things that make them extra special.

Today we needed a little more red, white, & blue in our lives
so I hit the cupboards for the needed supplies.

Tape              Straws             Streamers

Two minutes later we had fun.

We taped these little babies to our bikes.

Even my tricksters who can ride with "No feet" loved them.

And ever single car that passed got huge smiles & waved.

No bikes needed...they would be fun for little runners too :) 

Have Fun today! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Puppy Love

It seems like every week there is a birthday around here.
Today, my Bo turned 7.

His birthday is 2 weeks after Annie's WHICH MEANS 
that when we go to Toys "R" Us for Annie's presents 
he is rattling off a list of what he'd like :)

Top of his list was this lil' guy.

He's a dog kid,
and since I won't buy the poor kid a dog,
I picked the bull dog up, like he hoped I would :)

That puppy got more hugs than I did today!

And I get A LOT of XOXO.

Then, tonight when we were leaving for our family walk,
 Bo said, "I need a basket to carry my pup on my bike!"

Kelly agreed & started looking online:

But, I knew it needed to be a little more tough than a bike basket.
I mean who puts a bike basket on a dirt bike...come on :)

So, I told them to hold up, went into the garage 
& found the dirtiest bucket I could find.

It doesn't get tougher than dirt.
A few zip ties was all it took to get it on tight.

Then, I told Bo to go get some manly stickers.

Ahhhh yeah....Star Wars.

Yep...that ought to do it.

The bike bucket.
It just makes you want to say, "Rad Dude."

Come on.... I know you wanna say it.

Spike survived his first ride to the park,
& I have one happy 7 year old.

Well, happy & tough.

Dirt tough.

Aw yeah, no one is messing with my kid :)

He's a pretty rad Dude.

Happy Birthday Baby.
Love ya.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Totally Magical!

It's here...our magical day.
May 17th

Today my Instagram feed was obnoxious!
But, the day was filled with moments I couldn't let slip away.

It's a wonderful combo of my niece's birthday.

(7 wearing her 17 year old cousin's boots)

She had the best party ever, complete 
with motorcycle rides from our cousin.

Yes...a line formed :)

It's also my parents anniversary...45 years today.

They embrace everyday and live life to the fullest.
(love you guys!)

And, as I told you about last year, it's the one day of the year when 
my little sister's kids & my kid's ages line up perfectly...
9 in a row.

We have to wait for today for Zadie to turn 7,
then tomorrow, Xander turns 3 and throws it off again.

Totally magical...and so is getting a good picture of theses guys.

Hope you had a little magic today! 
I'd love to hear about it!

Monday, May 12, 2014

So Worth It

 I saw this add on Craigslist:

I have been wanting one for a while 
& the price was amazing, 
so, I emailed hoping I'd be the first to respond.

& then I waited...


The next morning I texted the number.

He replied right away:

Tons of responses 
but no one seems in a hurry to come & get it.

I replied,
"I'll come right now!"

He said great.
He sent me his address to which I replied:

I HAD been on the way to drop my kids at church, my husband was 5 minutes behind me in another car.

I dropped the kids at their classes & called Kelly telling him I was making a mad dash for the table.  Then, as an after thought I texted him this before I pulled out of the parking lot:

& as I heard the sent message swoop sound, 
I noticed the craigslist guy's number at the top of my screen.

Oh no!  
I sent it to him!

I fumbled to send this:

No reply.

I drove 40 minutes in a terrible pouring rain
with lil' Kit asleep in the back, checking my phone at stoplights & 
the guy was NOT replying...

I was so nervous!
He didn't seem to nice in the first place.

5 minutes before I get to his house :


He didn't lock me out...
But I was right about the not so nice ...

"So, you got my message huh?" I laughed.

He smiled for a fourth of a second with his mouth & not his eyes, took one look at the monsoon & said, 
"You don't need help with that do ya?"

Thanks for the table."

Door shut.

But, I love it...
& they do too.

Making a total fool of myself, worth it!

I wish I could say that was a first but my friends Ashley & Mendie seem to get the wrong texts from me often, 
& my poor girlfriend Kelley...

...gets texts intended for my husband Kelly all the time.
Some girls never learn

Have you ever send text to the wrong person?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Join In The Fun

So Annie is nuts for the CHARM IT! charms
...I mean totally crazy about them!
Right now they are having a pretty cool contest!
12 winners win:
 100 dollars gift card for the CHARM IT! site,
a donation to ArtStart in their name &
their drawing made into a charm!
Now we think that is the coolest part of all.
Annie has some of last years charms designed by kid designers.
She always sings,

loves our trips to the ocean,

plays in the snow half the year :),
is very Irish,

and my all time favorite:
cause she & I are sushi girls.

I mean I just smile back at the little guy!
We both think it would be pretty amazing to have a design made into a charm that other girls will wear because it means something special to them.
This weekend we had a few girls over
& they worked on designing charms.
We rounded up all our Crayola and

printed off a stack of entry forms.

The girls researched last years winners to get inspired.

Then they got busy designing.

It was the sweetest, quietest little group
because they were so busy working.

There were some pretty creative girls!

Each girl picked a pack of crayons to take home. 

So tomorrow I will get their entries in the mail
& then the waiting begins...

The winner announcement is on Annie's birthday
she thinks it's a good sign :)

I just smile & raise my eyebrows, and say,
"We already had fun either way."

So come on join in the fun!
Look at last years winners HERE
& download an entry form HERE,
& check out ArtStart HERE!

Maybe somebody will be wearing your girl's charm next year!

Plus, "Charm Designer" is pretty cool for bragging rights for a girl.
...not that we'd ever brag ;)