Friday, April 22, 2016

A Good Deal

Toinght, I dropped Annie off at her cousin's college dorm 
& headed to home to a house filled with boys. 

Bo has a friend sleeping over so I'm outnumbered 7-1.

I heard Kelly shouting out the front door,
"Bo!  Put that saw away! You can't cut off our tree limbs!"

Bo explained he needed firewood to sell.

I told him if he wanted firewood, to gather it from the woods, 
in the BACKyard.  
Kelly took the saw and they scrambled to the woods.

10 minutes later Rocco came in the house to grab 
something out of his drawer in the kitchen.

Rocco:  Bo got some great firewood! He took the bark off  
             and he's washing it so he can sell it.

Me:  You can NOT wash firewood Rocco.  
         And he can NOT sell it!

Rocco:  Yes he can.

Me: No...he can't.

Rocco:  Yes he can, why not?  It's just beautiful.

Kelly:  Rocco why are you taking that dollar outside? 
           (as Rocco is headed back out)

Rocco: I'm gonna buy some firewood.

Oh it turns out Rocco's tooth fairy money from his first tooth was in his hands less than 12 hours.

Rocco gave Bo the dollar and was quite 
delighted with his wet beautiful firewood.

I have to was beautiful,
(and much larger than I thought it would be.)

And the rest of the wood made delicious 
s'mores for the good ole' boys club.

 So I am admitting here that I was wrong.

You CAN wash firewood,
And someone will buy it.

I can only imagine what our friends say when they return home.
Sorry Joey.  

Monday, February 22, 2016

Newest Addition...

Our journey to a dog started a long time ago.  
It started with an agreement and a puppy jar.
Yes, I was finally ready to get a dog.
They had all been waiting for me.

Well, over the year that little jar filled up.
Every coin and bill they had was stuffed into the jar.
They kept filling the jar, counting it up, 
and tucking it into our secret spot.

They filled that jar many many times, and raised 257 dollars.

Then, we waited for a dog to steal our hearts.

Saturday night I made a call to an add on Facebook:

Golden Retriever Puppies

Two hours later we were sitting in a kitchen, with new friends, cuddling their adorable puppies.

And one stole our hearts.

Completely stole our hearts.

So we left that night, blessed by Maria and Carl, with a puppy.

Now he was our puppy.

Bullet Doyle.

Now he's just one of us.

And when Bullet wants to go for a walk we all go for a walk.

When Bullet wants to stop,
we all stop.

When Bullet is tired,
everyone is tired.

He is one smart dog.

He knows how to magically make little boys 
want their picture taken.

Well, except for  one little boy in the back row who is sad cause HE wanted to hold the puppy.

Bullet already knows where the 
best seat in the house is to get a free snack.

And he knows he is completely loved.

Welcome home Bullet.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine Box Day!

It's Valentine Party Day at School.
All the big kid's boxes were ready to roll.




Roo was feeling a little left out and asked for a box.  
He wanted a pig.

So we went to work.

 And we whipped out a pig in 5 minutes flat.

And he loves that little pig like you wouldn't believe.

When the big kids will come home with their boxes full 
 Roo is hoping they will fill up his little pig.  

The only thing better than a new
Valentine Box is one stuffed with treats!

Click the links below to see how we made the boxes:

Hamster Valentine Box Tips

Annie's Hamster Valentine Box

I know what you are thinking,
"That's a hamster?!  I thought it was a cat!"

But my girl wanted a hamster box.
So it's a hamster.  
Trust me it looked like a hamster in my head before we started.  
 Lucky you, you can now make a hamster OR a cat!

It's just paper Mache & slap on fur, so
there really aren't "directions" just some tips.

2 days needed.

The most helpful tip is what we papered over.
We stuffed 2 gallon ziplocs full of paper towels and duct taped them together.

Stuff it good!   It needs to be strong!
Don't worry when you remove them later just stack them up & you can still use them.

Then, they just Paper Mache.

When it is dry cut 3 side of a square (steak knife) to make 
a door flap in the belly & pull out the paper towels.

Use a glue gun to wrap with fur.

The front and back are tricky but you'll get the hang of it...wrap it like a gift, butting the colors up against each other. Start on the top and wrap downwards.  Anywhere the hamster was a little odd shaped we added folded paper towels under the fur to round him out.

Then, add your embellishments,
heart buttons & whiskers stolen from our broom.  
We used fun foam for the eyes & nose.  
Ears cut from fur with longer flaps in the back.

 I just freehand cut her name out of cardstock.

She loves her little hammy.
Even if it does look like a cat.