Friday, September 24, 2010

Spooky House

Last Sunday Afternoon, we snuck over to our local ski hill where we knew we could get a peek at the Haunted Houses they were setting up. 

Annie & Bo were a little freaked out but they gathered their courage & approached the first house with a dare from me to knock on the door...

But, as Annie stepped onto the porch
Bo mad a mad dash back to us.

Annie bravely knocked 3 times acting
like I was an idiot for all the
ghost noises I was making :)
At the next house Bo was
determined to make it to the door.

He made it! 
But after one knock he was running! 

Then when he got safely to me
he jumped up & down,
"I DID IT!!! 

& of course he had to go do it again.

Then today I had a SPOOKY VAMPIRE
on my doorstep!

Turns out I am the brave one & I even let him in.

Do you have any spooks around?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tooth Fairy

Annie's tooth was hanging by a thread.  For weeks we all wanted to pull it out but she wouldn't let anyone near it.   So, Wednesday night Annie & I made a Tooth Jar.

We just hot glued some beads onto a babyfood jar.

And wouldn't you know...
 not even 2 minutes later...
it had a little tooth in it.

And Annie was filled with pure joy!

She took it to church & to school &
she didn't really want the Tooth Fairy to take her tooth.

But, last night she finally put the tooth under her pillow.

She woke up with glitter in her bed,
and 2 dollars richer.  :)
It is going to be a great day!

Does the Tooth Fairy visit you?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bo's Superhero

Bo has a best friend,
who just happens to be over 6 feet tall.
It is his cousin Auntie Cake's "Captain Awesome."
Bo is always climbing in his lap,
or riding on his shoulders.

Captain Awesome not only LETS him...
...he INVITES him, "Come on Bo!"
He is Bo's superhero.
If our families are together.... never see them apart.

And I couldn't ask for a sweeter,
cooler HERO for my little boy.

Do you have a Superhero?

Friday, September 10, 2010


Well...I survived the first week of Annie going to school all day.  I know that sounds funny, but in the morning as she leaves and the boys wave goodbye to her & Daddy, I look at the boys & wonder how on earth we will make it until 3:30. 

Annie always kept them busy & was their main source of entertainment.  Now...they look at me. 

Normally, we would play in the backyard & go to parks, but our backyard is under construction  (new deck) & it was about 55 degrees & rainy all week.  So, I was actually worried.  What does one do with 2 boys ALL DAY!!!  :)

Well, Bo baked cookies!  Turns out he likes to bake.
Although, THIS was a bit of a problem...
Oh & not to mention the 1/2 eaten marshmallows I found when I opened my flour bin!
(Just a warning that you might not want to eat anything I bake.)

But, the cookies turned out pretty tasty & Bo was pretty proud.
I also discovered this week that Bo is TERRIBLE at playing "Don't Spill the Beans."
He only likes to get about 2 beans on there before he can stand it any longer & he just HAS TO dump them off.
He loves that part. 
 But actually, that makes me pretty good at it because I always win :)

And when Annie finally did come home...we welcomed her eagerly!

And the kids love to run & wave to her ride.
I love sitting down & hearing about her day.

Well...we are figuring out how to manage.  I am loving my time teaching Bo new things & giving Rocco some extra lovin'. 

But, I will be honest...This is one Mama who loves it best having ALL her kids home!
Hope you had a great week too!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Grader!

First she comes!!!
Backpack loaded with new school supplies.
Matching lunch box is a must :)
New shoes...trying desperately to add a little style to her uniform!
First Grade means ALL DAY!!!

I think trying to pose with 2 little brothers
will be the hardest thing she will have to do all day.
Hopefully, because that was tough with no luck!

I always love to get a car pic to really date the pictures.

I will admit...I did get tears in my eyes when her teacher prayed with her before she entered the classroom.

Annie is just happy to get to spend
all day with her BFF (another Annie).

Yep...even if I am not ready...she is.

Have a great first day Babygirl!!!

Jessica...did I win? 
We had a little race to post the
First Day of School pics :)