Wednesday, November 30, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Living with little boys is VERY interesting.

Oh, there is my spatula!
Now why wouldn't I have thought to look in the heating vent?

Oh there is your toothbrush...
Of course, on the mirror by the front door!

Having grown up with girls I am constantly surprised.

They were all boy 
when the Christmas trees went up.

Right away out came these toys:

We put up 3 real trees.
ALL of them are leaning by now.
I'll let you know when one tips.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Pie Man

I am married to a
hockey player,
white collar,
Mr. Fix-it, 
auto mechanic,
goes into the woods and
cuts trees down to heat his parents' house,
rugged as they come,

Who happens to also love baking pies.

I am talking grow the apples, bake a pie.

Grow the pumpkins,

bake some pies.

After a long day at the farm,
or at work,
 he'll come home,
bake some pies
& then we throw everyone into the car
to deliver them warm,
to unsuspecting friends.

We joke that we need a pie mobile sign on our car
& a little siren on top that plays circus music as we drive up.

A few weeks ago I walked into church
and all on the same day from different women
I was handed:

1) a stack of pie plates,
2) a papmered chef crust protector
3)  a canning magazine
4) a candle

All gifts FOR MY HUSBAND :)
It cracked me up!

(Did I mention he also started canning this year?)
My mom showe him how.
They even made some homeade ketchup!

Then, when I got together with some girlfriends,
Mendie pulls this out of her purse:

(but it was full :)

"This is for your husband,
he and I were talking about canning recipes."

And you should see the sweet letters
he is receiving in the mail from other women :)

I am a lucky girl...
I get pies and homeade goodies
& he teaches the kids to bake.

No wonder Bo is enjoying his cooking classes.

Best of all I am married to a man who loves
baking because of the joy it brings others.

Can ya blame me?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Paint & Eat

I am not a mom you will likely hear saying,
"Don't play with your food." 

Today we painted our snack :)
All you need is food coloring in milk,
and artists.

Lots of artists...
little boy artists,

little girl artists,

crazy little artist,
all kinds.

Just paint,
and then enjoy!

Who wouldn't want a little
sunshine and rainbows in the morning?

This brilliant artist would!

She gobbled my rainbow all up!

Hope you find time to play with your food!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Personal Barista

Meet my personal Baristas:


Every morning, as we wait for Annie's ride to pick her up, we sit in the front room with her and the kids "whip me up some Starbucks."

Annie takes my order & bosses around helps out the baristas.

No calories AND free refills.
Good thing since I get served
at least a dozen cups in about 5 minutes flat.

Used Starbucks cups wash out beautifully for use in kitchen sets.

You should have seen the excitment when we
added the red Christmas cups to our collection this week. 
It was pretty cute :)

Then before we know it Annie is out the door
& Starbucks is closed. 

Making memories.
Do you have kitchen set memories?
Hope you'll share!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sweet Belly Ache

Rocco, where is all your Halloween candy?
Oh my...those X-rays look terribly sweet!