Friday, August 12, 2011

I Don't Remember...

I don't remember it being hard to learn to ride a bike...
This will be the summer that I remember as
"Annie learning to ride a bike summer."
We have been trying to teach her for years. 
She is on her third brand-new bike,
she keeps outgrowing them before she can ride them.
She is seven.
I keep thinking she will learn...
It is more fun to hit your head on a brick wall
than to teach her to ride a bike.

When I say she has learned, I mean,
she can go forward without training wheels.
She loves it.
She goes zooming around one handle bar with streamers,
as the other was chopped off by her brother,
(causing many tears).

I should feel good now
but I am scared.

She hits parked cars.
Don't feel bad little car...if she misses you this time,
she'll get you next time.

She drives down the middle of the road.
I only let her go to the mailbox & back (two houses away)
& I hold my breath until she returns safely.
"Get to the side!!!!"
"I AM!"

If we have a car in our driveway...
She will hit it,
probably twice.
If I am sitting in a chair on the driveway.
She will hit me,
probably twice.

Kelly: I'm going to take her for a bike ride.
Me:    No!  She is terrible!  Take her to a bike path.
          She hits parked cars.
Kelly: (Smiles) No, she doesn't.
Me:   Annie! Come here!  Do you hit every parked
         car you pass when you ride your bike?
Annie:  No, not every car.  Most of them, but I missed
         that one today.

She was serious.

We took her to a bike path.
I stayed behind with Roo in the stroller
& Rocco on his scooter.

When we met up, Kel said, "She's horrible!"
I chuckled, "Why?"
"Everytime a person comes by she barrels down the middle
& yells, "WATCH OUT!!!!"

Yesterday, when I was sitting out front watching the kids she slammed in to the garage door.
How can you not see a garage door?!

I just don't remember it being hard.
So, she learned to ride her bike if I can get her to steer & stop,
it will be a miracle.

I'll have to put my biker hopes on Batman.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Under the Sea Party

When we were in Alabama we picked up a few goodies for Annie to host a beach luncheon with her friends.

So what do little girls eat at a beach lunch?

Sweedish Fish in Jello

Watermelon Sudaes

Cheese Kabobs

Peanut Butter & Celery "Seaweed"

Tuna Salad & Noodles

& Princess Cakes for dessert

The girls each loved their "message in a bottle." 

After lunch they filled
their little bottles with sand & tiny shells.

(Cracker Barrel Syrup Bottles)

The girls were bonded with matching bracelets.

We had a lovely afternoon
& I got the best thank you ever...a concert!

When I was folding all that blue fabric up
Bo said, "I want to get on there."
I said, "You don't get on this, it's fabric"
"Then why was I just on it &
Rocco was pulling me all over the house?"
"That is a very good question, Bo."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What to do...?

So there is a heat advisory & your air conditioning is out
...has been all weekend.
 (they charge double on weekends you know :) 

It is too hot to even eat.
Then, Rocco hands me a box of cake mix.
What to do?

Why not!
so we skipped lunch & went right for dessert :)

Strawberry cake made on a cookie sheet
with light cool whip for topping. 
That's it! 
Unless of course you'd like sprinkles!

Everyone has their own style of eating these babies.

Annie digs right in.

Rocco is a little more refined.

Just be sure to wash your face when you are done!

Soon after our treat, the air conditioning truck pulled up,
& the kids couldn't believe he would sit out in his truck so long!

But alas...cold air is here again :)

(Never thought I would ever use the word alas, I kinda like it:) 

Also, thank you for all your sweet comments about

 You girls really are amazing friends!

Monday, August 1, 2011

50s Birthday Party ~ BYO Poodle Skirt

Annie's Birthday Sock Hop finally arrived.

Lucky girl, her Auntie Cake had the perfect room for her party.

The decorations were up,

the saddle shoes were tied,

the hair was greased,

the curlers were set,

It was time to party!

(Here comes the part you need to sing.)
"I can mash potatoes,"

"I can do the twist."

"Do the twist!"
"Tell ME Baby,"

"Do you like it like this?"

"Do you love me?"

"Do ya love me?"

"Now that I can dance...."



"Watch me now!"

All that dancing can make a girl hungry :)
No 50s party is complete without a Malt Shop!

Then, a little time to just play,



and chase chickens.

The night wrapped up with presents,

a movie with all the kids' families,
and a visit to the A&W for rootbeer floats & popcorn.

Oh, what a night!

Special thanks to my sister "Auntie Cake", my parents who helped out & to all the kids who came & made the party perfect!