Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Time is Near...

The date has been set.  
The doctor told me to check into the hospital 
on Monday to meet this baby.

I'm having lots of contractions today so 
I'm hoping to make it through the weekend.
It's the first time I've not been anxious to just be done.
Maybe since it's the last one?

So, today was preparation day.

I washed and folded little pink & blue onsies for the hospital.

We dug the infant seat out of garage and
Annie helped me prepare the bassinet.

She seems to be thinking a lot 
about whether she's getting another brother or how things 
will change if she's no longer the only girl in the family.

The day seemed a little emotional for us both, so
after the work was done, we decided to have one last girls' day
 before the babe would be joining us.

First, we hit the outlets to buy some blues for our guys. 
(And of course, matching shirts for the boys to wear to the hospital.)

Frozen yogurt for lunch.

Then we saw

All the while the contractions were getting stronger 
& I was just hoping my water wouldn't break before 
our fun was done. 

We still had to hit the local Mall 
'cause she had a little money burning a hole in her wallet.

You can't go wrong when the girl you are hanging with has pandas on her nails and pulls money from her 
wiener dog wallet to pay for her lip-gloss.

And then guess what happened?

I saw a boy checking her out...

I sure didn't tell her, and sorry folks, but I I know you will find this hard to believe, but I didn't even snap his picture for you all. 
 I just wanted to say...She's 10 buddy.

I didn't.

What I did do was smile, as I watched her pay at Gap Kids for a little cupcake charm to add to her charm bracelet.  

Because yes, she is only 10 but she's so grown up too.

And who knows how things are going to change around here.
We had fun wondering if girl days would be 
forever changed come Monday.

Only God knows.
And we know His plan will be perfect.

Monday will be here before we know it...
...and now we finally are ready.