Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's a...

December 11th we were celebrating
the birth of Baby Jesus in the stable.

The very next night, we were celebrating
the birth of another miracle.
Our own baby boy.
Kit Kelly
Born 12-12-12
Loved instantly.
Yep...we are pretty proud of our boy :)
And then there were seven.
Thank you Jesus.


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Supense is Killing Me...

It is starting to look Red & Green around here...
I only use Red & Green .
But I have to tell you the truth...
My mind is racing with Pink & Blue!
Girl or boy?
The suspense is killing me!!!!
I don't even have a boy name picked yet!
One of the biggest joys of this pregnancy is all the close friends that have been due right around me.
Angie, Alysa & Ashley!
Angie is my cousin & BFF.
The forever part is literal. 
We were born 2 months apart & have been close ever since.
She's the fun cousin who can talk me into all her adventurous ideas.
She happily includes me even if I am the conservative type :) 
She's made my life much more exciting!
And now look what we are doing together:
Pretty cool huh?
After sharing our lives together,
it just seemed perfect to share our due date!
Oooooo... I can't wait to meet our babes!
I found one way to mix some green & red with my baby:
Look at what I ordered from my friend's Etsy store!
For Roo
long sleeved tee
For Baby
long sleeved onsie
Christmas is loaded with fun things this year!
What color is your Christmas?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Would You Rather...

Thanksgiving makes you think. 
I can't stop thinking about one thing that I am
completely thankful for...
I am so thankful our home is full of giggles. 

It made me think of a game we play
that make all the kids giggle like crazy.
Would you Rather? 
We don't have the cards, we make up our own.

Here is our recent fav:
Would you rather have to wear a clown hat or an eye patch, with a skull & crossbones, every single day for the rest of your life?
What would you pick?
We have two camps in our house.
Team Eye Patch
( I know sunglasses AND an eye patch are a tad overdone
but hey a girl needs to accessorize)
& I am sure that if Roo could talk...
...he'd pick team eye patch, he's cool like that.
So guess who that leaves for
Team Clown Hat
That's right, My cowboy.
He thought we were all a touch vain 
& he didn't want to impair his eyesight.
I found his confidence very cute.
Literally, I mean just look at him...very cute :)
(He does not know I am posting this!)
Hi Hon...Love you!
Anyway I am sticking to Team Eye Patch for sure.
So, I thought today I'd share the latest little list of questions we have dreamed up so you can have some laughter in your home too.
(made up by kids of all ages)

 Would you rather...
...have to wear a clown hat or an eye patch, with a skull & crossbones, every single day for the rest of your life?
...have giant eyeballs or a giant nose?
...have your only car be a garbage truck or a parade float?
...have spaghetti like hair or two foot long feet? a fairy or a ballerina?  (great to ask dads & brothers)
...have 15 little sisters or 15 big sisters?
...have one long bushy eyebrow or a Santa beard that grows back every night while you sleep? your bedroom door and find it full of snakes or mice?
...have a pie thrown in your face or sit on a birthday cake?
...have stinky feet or stinky arm pits?
...have to eat 50 scoops of ice cream or 100 Reese's Peanut butter cups?
...have to ride a ostrich or a llama for an entire football field?
...have a car horn that plays the Mexican Hat Dance or have a Hawaiian hula girl for a hood ornament?

...have feathers on your arms or scales on your face?

...kiss a toad or a mouse? a Mohawk or a mullet?

...catch a balled up angry hedgehog with your bare hands or be sprayed by a skunk?

...for one day, go to work/school wearing a blooming flowerpot on your head or dressed as a superhero?  (not on a costume day)

...shake up a pop and give it to your teacher or your grandma?

...brush your teeth with shaving cream or eat a cayenne pepper?

...have a puppet stuck to your hand or a bucket stuck to your foot?

...have a jellyfish stuck in your swimsuit or a crab bite your nose?

...have a unicorn horn or a beaver tail?

Please add one of your own in the comments!
Oh & please let me know what you would pick... 
Team Eye Patch or Team Clown Hat :)
Before I go,
I am also very thankful for Cheyenne over at Little Prairie Baby!
She honored my Dad in SUCH a special way! 
Thanks Cheyenne!!!
You will love meeting her!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

It's that time...

It's that time...about a month until due date.

And yes...I am HUGE! 
People were asking me if it was twins in August...THAT is how big I am!  And for some reason my buns grow twice as fast as my belly every time...a situation to which only this little gal can really relate:
But in the spirit of Thanksgiving I am going to be Thankful.  Thankful that I have that large anchor in the back...otherwise, at this point, I might simply...tip over.
Thankful that I only have 30 days left of going to the mall and having mothers shove their kids on my lap & take pictures.
Hey at least those two were is usually more like this:
(Maybe I should get a new jacket too?)
But I must admit with Thanksgiving coming I only have
ONE little (growing) fear.
That with my round belly...I might be mistaken for the turkey.
Now do you see my dilehma?
Hopefully after Thanksgiving I will still be posting.
you will know what happened!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I became the cool mom...

My kids LOVE Pioneer woman.
We DVR her show on the weekend and Annie loves to watch her on Mondays when she comes home from school.
By the end of the show Bo and Rocco are always curled up beside Annie watching too.  Then we print off a recipe or two & usually try them during the week.
Olive Bread

Good Morning Muffins
I have been known to Instagram about her recipes we make ,
or even just about me watching her Pioneer Woman show.
Yesterday...She was at the Mall of America. 
We go to church 10 minutes from there.
Soooo...we had to swing by & just peek at her.
We were not crazy enough to stand in line because all the kids would have wanted to (except Roo), and all those kids in line would have been torture for EVERYONE, so we just got a good spot right above her on the balcony.
And there she was,
right below us.
I only had my phone with so I didn't get very good pictures.
After about half an hour the boys went to get the car while I let Annie watch a tad longer.
Then right before we were about to leave...
she asked, "Are there any other bloggers out there?"
It was silent.
I raised my hand high, waved it back and forth,
and I did a very loud, "WoooooooooHoooooo!" 
So she looked right up at me, saw me waving, and said, "Hi!"
Of course I yelled, "Hi!" back.
And then Annie thought I was the coolest mom there.
I kinda thought so too.
So now you know another one of my little secrets...
I'm pretty nerdy.

But hey...
Nerdy is very fun!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Take one little robot...

...add a valiant Knight...
...throw in one curly Shirley Temple...
(Annie's favorite part was getting to wear lipstick and mascara :) it off with two crazy cousins...
...and you get one perfect Halloween night!
And since it took a lot of work to pull it all together...I am gonna bore you to death with a few more pics :)
Robot doing the robot
94 trick-or-treaters later...we are calling it a night.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow to sit down with a cup of coffee & look through all my friends pics on Facebook & on their blogs to see their little cuties while I yell, "No more candy Rocco!  I mean it!"  & "Bo!!! Come back here with that candy bag!"
Let me know if you have some trick or treaters for me to see too!
Happy Halloween!