Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Orphan Annie

Can you guess where my girl is off to tonight?
Off to see

at the Children's Theater
with some sweet friends!
Thanks guys!!!

Lucky Girl!

Just the boys & me tonight.
Speaking of boys...

Remember last week when I wrote about dancing in the kitchen with this guy?

While Annie & I were "doing the Mashed Potato"
& "doing the Twist."
Rocco was dancing behind the table for awhile.

Bo came up into the kitchen & says, "Holy Moley!  there are grapes all over the place & they are all smashed to bits!"

Turns out Rocco was doing a dance of his own,
& Bo was right...Holy Moley!  There sure were a lot of smooshed grapes!"

That boy knows how to have some fun :)

P.S. When Annie was at the play Annie tonight the theater took
her picture & put it on their facebook page :)

Kinda fun! :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Simple Little Party

Thanks for all your sweet words about Annie's cake.
You girls really are good friends!

I didn't want to spend money on her party today since
we are having her big party in July. 

But we sure had a fun colorful day!

Balls on the table 1$ @ Walmart
All the little cousins got one to keep.

Please excuse the wrinkles...I had a tablecloth glitch
 & at the last second had to just throw this one on. 

Birthday Blessing

The sliders were a real hit!
Recipe found HERE.

I love the look on her face when everyone is singing to her.
It's not often she feels uncomfortable :)

& before we knew it the day was done.

Never to be 6 again.

Annie's Cake I am regretting that
I posted yesterday about the frosting. 

How embarrassing! 
Now I have to show you the cake! 
Please keep in mind that I am just a mom...
...a basketcase mom...
...who is terrible at baking.
It's true. 
ANYONE who knows me would agree.

Trust me, for me this is good :)

The inside baked beautifully!

Happy little cake isn't it?

Here is my fave bakery frosting recipe:

1C powdered sugar
1 unbeaten egg white
1/2 C vegetable shortening
2 tbsp cake flour
2 tbsp milk
Almond flavoring to preference

Beat together
& add 1 more C powdered sugar

It tastes soooo good!

Time to decorate the deck for
Annie's little cousins party.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Make Your Own Sunshine

Tomorrow is Annie's Birthday.
(She is having her party late July but we will celebrate tomorrow :)
I knew just the cake she needed.

And of course she was happy to help with this job!

It didn't take long before
2 little boys were trying to stick their little fingers in it.

(where I found this cake)
was right...

...It makes the prettiest dirty dishes you've ever seen.

It is in the oven now.

I can't wait to frost it tomorrow :)
When I do & I'll pass onto you the
BEST frosting recipe in the world!

Having trouble commenting on blogger?
Tammy gave me the tip:
Uncheck the
"stay signed in" box
when signing in.
worked for me!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Totally Into...

This summer I am into...

Baby Boys.
A month after Roo was born my lil' sis gave birth to
Roo loves to hold him.

(We crack ourselves up:)

I'm into
Sweet Tea.
by Mio
No calories.
You just squeeze a little into your water.
I keep one in my purse!
The kids love it in their water bottles too!
$3.50 @ Target

I'm into
Dancing in the kitchen!

Bo usually hides while Annie, Rocco
 & I rock it out to my Pandora 50s station.

I'm into
I have been making sandwiches for lunch almost everyday.
I LOVE avocados on them the most!

I'm into
Our summer family motto:

Where best to find our motto but in the Bible!
When the kids are acting up I say,
"Remember what we are working on this summer?" 
"Is that kind?"
"Are you being patient?"
"Love is patient, love is kind."

Sometimes it works,
Sometimes it doesn't.
But I am working on these things myself
so I thought we all could.

I'm into
Just look at these flavors!


What are you into this summer?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Searching for 4 leaf clovers.

Turns out cousin Nature Girl is pretty good at it.

After Nature Girl found a handful
I walked by to hear this conversation.

Annie:  I have found LOTS of them...I just found one a minute ago,
             but I lost it, so I couldn't pick it.

Nature Girl:  Annie, you are the worst liar ever.

So maybe Annie isn't so good at finding 4 leaf clovers,

...she is pretty lucky because this arrived in the mail today:

Let the
planning begin.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Lil' Apple

When I saw Coco Rose's Apple Cozies POST,
I was in LOVE!!!
Not just a "Those are sooo cute." love,
but a "I NEED ONE NOW!" love.
I mean look at hers!
(Thanks for letting me use the pic Coco Rose Diaries)
Perfectly adorable!
(She is AMAZING!)
Since she doen't sell them I jumped on Etsy
& found where I could get one.
(I am a bit needlework challenged, to put it nicely)


I found

Early Girl
had the best prices online AND they are the cutest too!
Can't go wrong!

I can't even tell you how happy Annie was!

I guess it was quite a hit at school
& the apples were pretty happy, all snug in there, too :)

If you need a good gift.
Get one before she runs out because
I am going to order more myself!