Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't Blink

I was sitting down at my computer and I looked at the date.
Tomorrow is March!!!
It actually made me a little sad.
I thought "It seems like Christmas was just here!!!"
Like it was just yesterday that we were
grinning until our faces hurt, at our kids in
the church Christmas program.
snapping pictures in the falling snow,
jumping on Santa's lap in the corner of the bagel shop,
and singing Jingle Bells on our two horse open wagon :)
Tomorrow being March just makes
 me realize how fast their childhood is flying by.
So if you see some crazy lady walking around trying to hold her eyes open...
That'd be me,
trying so hard not to blink because I'm afraid if I do...'ll be Christmas again
& everyone will be a whole year older.
Scary isn't it!
(& I don't mean that last picture :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


The Classic...
"Honey, did you eat my thawing blueberries?" 
Hasn't every kid gotten caught like this?
I was thawing them for him anyway.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kid Blogger Contest

Two weeks ago I had A blog...
...that I was just getting back to after a two months off. 

I had no idea that within 2 weeks of starting again...I would have 2.
It's all because of Annie.
She is enjoying blogging and has filled her little blog notebook with tons of ideas & journal entries to use as posts.
And she is taking pictures like a maniac.
I have to fight her for my phone! (her camera)
I really wanted to hook her up with
one or two little girls to read each other's blogs.
I spent 4 hours trying to find some appropriate! 
I found 1.
So I started a blog.
For kid bloggers.
(Click pic for link)
And I am so excited about it!
But now I am back to where I started...
...where to find kid bloggers...
I want to kick off the blog with a:
(Click pic for link)
I just hope I can find some kids!
If you know any kid bloggers
PLEASE send them my way! 
You just never know where your blogging journey will take you!
I bet Koralee of Bluebird Notes
never knew when she started that her blogging would take her here:

Her own book!!!
~Congratulations Koralee~
My copy just arrived! 
I am devouring it!!!
You might want to get your own copy HERE.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Fun

Getting ready for Valentine's Day
is one of my favorite things to do!
This year I had lots of help.
First up...

My helper?  Roo. 
He is my sidekick...
all day,
I thought he wanted to help,
but it turned out he just wanted to eat the treats.
While I packaged the candy,
he was my eye candy.
Dirty...but cute.
Then...."The Valentine Box!"
Annie was my helper here.

(inspiration from my sister Auntie Cake)
with a secret door for Valentines.

And of course the pink uniform shirt!

Ooooo....the boys just want to get their hands on all that ruffly frosting!

And then there is the decorating crew.
 I just set them loose with heart kits.

They put a little love EVERYWHERE.

and I do mean everywhere...
Last there are the "secret preparations."

The Valentine school snack box,
A little puppy love,


and a little chocolate.

Since I didn't get Kit anything this year I let him help,

And of course...

the balloons.

Valentine's Day.
Bring it on...
We are ready for love!
A peek at last year's box RIGHT HERE
& my fave is her 2015 box HERE

Saturday, February 9, 2013


It seems like Kit was just born.
He really is so sweet.
Even with five kids I was surprised again
how instantly & fierce I fell in love.
I even take pics when he is sleeping.
I can't stop!
But look why...
He is growing up way too fast!
This was Kit earlier this week:
Just looking around watching our craziness.
(plenty of that here)
It goes too fast... I've been soaking up every little baby
minute since he really is our last.
Really. I was getting ready to FINALLY blog.
You know taking pictures,
hearing a post in my head.
Yeah you know :)
See here are my pics:
You can see where I was going...
Then, I sat down to upload a few pictures
& Annie sat down next to me, "I wish I had a blog."
And I knew. 
I wasn't going to do that post.
I was going to spend the day helping Annie start her blog.
And I did.
You should have seen the joy in her eyes the whole time.
She came up with her own title,
picked her own designs,
wrote a post furiously in a notebook, 
(while I was applying all the settings.)
and searched my pictures for ones she could steal.
She giggled & belly laughed as she wrote.
I am smiling now just remembering.
She doesn't care about followers or comments,
she's just so excited to start taking more pictures and writing more stories about her brothers driving her nuts.
And I'll tell you a deep heart secret:
I am just tickled that she
wanted to be a little like me.