Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chocolate Covered Grapes

I used to make these little babies all the time
for showers and parties.
They were always the biggest hit!

Chocolate covered grapes...yum!

I just melt chocolate chips,
& cool!

But, if you make them,
watch out for Rocco.
He might just show up!

I like them straight from the freezer
so even the grape is frozen.
My kids like them straight from the fridge,
hard chocolate, soft grape.

Speaking of sweet...
Annie got a card from the girl who received her
Operation Christmas Child box.

Now I know that it is not really that lil' babes lips,
but it got me thinkin...

Roo could do that!

Pucker up baby!

Well, almost...

He's just lucky I didn't use this pose:

Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, January 16, 2012


So with no school today the morning was sweet & slow. 
LOVE the relaxed pace of no school!!!
I pulled out the paints & we just enjoyed creating together.
The boys lasted about 15 minutes and then
I got some time alone with Annie.

Of course I painted something I love!
(That is suppose to be Annie :)

She thinks I am the world's greatest artist so...
...I pretend I am  :)

All excited she says, "Now I wanna paint you!"

Of course, I say what every good mom would say,
"Honey, just make sure you don't paint me too fat."

Well apparently that didn't work too well.
I take up the whole page!
And feet really are that big.
But hey...togetherness is good.

I'm just glad we didn't use bigger paper!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Time

    Annie always helps me with the dishes at home, but on Sudays at my mom's, the moms always take over the kitchen. 

This Sunday when the cousins left early I decided it was time. 
Time for Annie to join the women in the kitchen. 

   She was excited when I asked her to dry the dishes
for Grandma while I fed Roo, "Ooooooo!  Really?!"

Then we told her all about the kitchen:

It's a privilege to be invited into the kitchen to help.

We don't let the men help because it is too much fun!

It's a bonding time for the women,
we talk about how our weeks went and all kinds of good stuff.

As I listened from the next room I heard her,
"So Grandma..what did you do this week?" 

...and they talked.

And then it was true...all the stuff we said,
it is a bonding IS fun. 

Made me smile as I remembered all the hours trying to get my sisters to do the dishes for me.

 And when Grandma rested on a stool to talk to me for a minute...
Annie peeked her head in,
"Grandma!  Get back to work!"

Made even me think of dishes in a whole new way.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Time to hang back up the party dress...
hers not mine :)

Jeans for me.

Up late...
Wild night...
You know the kinda party where
"Open Bar"
means no one is guarding the pop from
the kids & you have a lot of kids on a sugar highs,
with very loud horns.
Wild I'm telling ya.

Complete with our own fancy ball drop, of course :)
Not exactly Swarovski
but a broken Christmas ornament will do.

A house filled with family and friends of all ages.
(I heart my Dad)

And my favorite part...
the tradition
(maybe just my families?)
kids banging pots and pans outside
hooting & hollering,
"Happy New Year!!!"
to well wish all your neighbors
at midnight.

I bet they love me.

And to you?
Bang! Bang! Bang!

I can't wait to see what the year holds!

What did you do last night?
I really want to know!