Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Growing Up Too Fast" Birthday Party

Party Day
out at Annie's Auntie Cake's again!!!

This year Annie's Birthday Party was "Growing Up Too Fast."
The kid's invites encouraged them to come dressed as adults.
They were sooo cute!
When they arrived they were each given
a cell phone and 2 credit cards.

After taking some pictures they were seated at
"The Jolly Tomato,"
a fine Italian restaurant,
for dinner.

They ordered from menus:

And they were very surprised when,
half-way through dinner,
they received a bill.

They learned quickly how to use their credit cards!

Although I caught this guy trying to pay with a stolen credit card.

I hope he didn't ruin your credit Gwinn!

After dinner, the girls headed to the salon
for manicures and pedicures.


While the girls waited in the salon
they giggled over girly magazines,

refreshed with lemonade & Sushi,

Glammed up their phones with some stick on gems,

and of course, they took ten years off just by doing this:

It was a relaxing spot to be.

Well, at least until these characters showed up.

The girls loved using their credit cards to pay at the salon too. 
When they checked out they received a salon bag
with nail products.

While the girls were in the salon,
the boys were on the greens,
getting in a round of golf.


They were very cute when they asked for help
adding up the scores because there were some big numbers :)

The boys got a little bag with a wallet in it.
They filled their bags with the goodies
they received through the night.

Throughout the night the kids were taking
driving tests with the man from the Minnesota DMV.

If they passed they received their Driver's License.

They were so proud,
"Mom, take my picture of me with my driver's license!"

Also, there was a dress up station where
kids could get their pictures taken.
Annie took quite a few pics!

At 7:00 the "Starbucks" opened.

Lemonade 2$
Frappuccino 3$
Cupcakes 1$

And how will you be paying for that Ma'm ?

Looks like her credit was good!


They were all he cutest little "grown-ups" you ever saw.

At the end of the night...

...we just felt so blessed to have such dear friends.

And we all fell asleep smiling,

Thanks to everyone who helped pull this off! 
& my hard working Hubby-Love You Kel!

Blessed by amazing friends!