Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Little Tour

No matter how much I want to deny it...
my baby girl is growing up.

We moved her into our home office last September & FINALLY this week we put the last piece in place.

So you want to see the rest?

Well, I hope you said, "YES!" 'cause I'm gonna make ya :)

(Moms with lots of kids are bossy)

I asked Annie if I could invite you in.

She thought I was a weirdo, but of course, she said yes.

So come on in!

Kelly & one of his good friends built the cupboards.

It pays girls, marry a many who is a hottie & a handyman.

A girl needs a good place to stash her goodies & let me tell one has more goodies than Annie.

When you walk in,
the wall to your right has her desk.

She keeps things special to her heart on display:

Her family,

Her friends,

 & the game pucks her coach gave her. :)

The wall to your left is filling up fast!

And only in a girl's room could there be a 
hockey trophy tucked behind a ballerina bunny.

And the head of her bed bears little moments 
 she never wants to forget.

Well girls...that's the tour.

Not too fancy, but just perfect for my girl,

and little brothers,

and cousins.

And it's my favorite room in the house.

Thanks for visiting! 
I'll tell Annie you stopped by! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Things

Holidays are about family.
The Fourth of July is my favorite!

It's the little things that make them extra special.

Today we needed a little more red, white, & blue in our lives
so I hit the cupboards for the needed supplies.

Tape              Straws             Streamers

Two minutes later we had fun.

We taped these little babies to our bikes.

Even my tricksters who can ride with "No feet" loved them.

And ever single car that passed got huge smiles & waved.

No bikes needed...they would be fun for little runners too :) 

Have Fun today!