Sunday, September 25, 2011

Balloon Joy

     It was one of those summer nights, the week before school one wanted to go in because you just knew there wouldn't be many nights left like this.  I always get so sentimental because I know that the next summer the kids will be so much more grown up. 
   So, we were at the park with our cousins soaking in every last minute.  I looked at the sky & said to my sister Kate, "Oh that's sad...some kid lost their balloon."  WAYYY in the distance you could see the black shape of balloons. 
     About 30 minutes later I couldn't believe it, "Look!  Those balloons are landing right here!  Bo go get those balloons!" 
Attatched to the balloons was a little basket.
And the basket was filled with goodies
for the kids who found the balloons!
We were so excited!
We took the ballons home, changed out the goodies,
and Nature Girl helped Rocco send them on their way.

Up, up & away.

I think we found a new summer tradition.
Next year, I will put our city & lift off time in the cup.
& maybe an email address...maybe :) 

It sure made the night special!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cucumber Boats

This summer my neighbor came over with a big cucumber,
he thought we might like it to carve into cucumber boats.  
Cucumber boats? Why yes, we would!

We had a bunch of too big cucumbers too,
 each kid made their own.  

I carved & they decorated.
Straw, paper & tape.
We can handle that!

Rocco picked the "fancy one."

& when Bo's sank he said,
"Cool!  Mine's a submarine!"

As I was taking pictures a frog hopped right over my shoulder
into the pond making us all scream! too :)

It took awhile for the kids to sail again 
after Mr. Hoppy surprised us.

But it was one of those afternoons where you just knew...
...they would remember.

And to a mom...those afternoons are priceless.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vegas Baby

When People think of Las Vegas they think of Paties & gambling but me...
I think of my BFF Sarah.

We were neighbors growing up,
took a million summer night walks as teens,
even taught together at the same school
& then in prances Ryan. 
Steals her heart & drags her off to Las Vegas :) 
If he wasn;t such a good cook I'd have to take revenge. 

When the wedding in Colorado was done my husband & Bo flew home and Roo & I flew onto Las Vegas.
(Sarah & my husband planned this as a surprise & I found out about a week before we left.)
It was heavenly! 

Now, I am not into gambling or partying
but you should have seen Roo!

He hit the strip & we had a hard time keeping up.
Vegas Baby!

His fave was the Bellagio.


and out.

So we chilled with his peeps (Sarah's kids),

and took in a fountain show.

and while the paparazzi was
taking pictures of me with my Godson,

& my BFF.

The party king snuck off,

& lucky he is too young for credit cards or we
would have gone home broke.

He also did a lot of flirting with the ladies.
I'm gonna have to watch this guy!

As much as I hated to leave
I couldn't wait to get home because
I actually missed Annie's first day of school!

But thanks to Daisy Pink Cupcake's giveway
(She knows about everything cool!!!)

I was able to leave behind a first day care package.

The coolest book by Joyce Wan!

Joyce even autographed it!!!

We feel so blessed
& EVERYONE loves it.

It truly is the sweetest book I've ever read.
Gonna order some for baby gifts :) 

Can't wait!



Wednesday, September 7, 2011


My fingers are so happy on the keys of our new computer.
Two weeks with a broken computer
& a little traveling make it hard to keep blogging :) 
But we had a ring bearer to deliver!

So Bo, Roo, Kel & I boarded a plane
& headed to Colorado.

And after a little mountain climbing,

sky touching,

 & boot buying,

we delivered that ring bearer!

Hey Bo...where'd everybody go?

Hey everybody...where did Bo go?


Roo had fun too :)

Everyone did!

Congrats Lovebirds!!!

Can't wait to catch up with everyone this week!