Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Lil Secret...

Super Bo just turned 6.
At our house every party needs balloons.
But what one might not suspect about me is that
I am a water balloon expert.
I know way too much about water balloons,
like the groovy tie-died balloons are a beast to fill
 but a big hit with the girls.
and that little boys love the grenades.
I know that cherry bombs are the
easiest to fill AND the best poppers,
and that if you have skills you can tie them
with a big bubble in the stem
& they become the coveted "Double Cannons."
I know that if you draw a baby on a balloon
the kids will take care of it all day without popping it,
But if you draw your brother on there'll be the first one smashed with glee.
I know that the best part of a water balloon fight is the anticipation...seeing those big fat balloons but not being able to throw them until ALL the guests arrive.
I know that everyone needs to start with the same amount,
but you better have a refill station or two on hand.
I know that even though there will probably be tears
there will mostly be lots & lots of smiles,
and that 180 water balloons can be thrown in three minutes flat.
But I will let you in on my favorite secret about
water balloon fights...
Adult Water Balloons.
Fill up a regular balloon as big as you dare.
and under ALL circumstances resist the darlingness of your children when they beg for one...and they will...even if it is their birthday.
All the magic lies in the fact that only the adults get these babies & you can bet that one day they will be moms & dads with a sparkle in their eye telling their kids "Someday....when you are a dad..."
you are never too young,
or too old,
to soak the ones you love.
P.S.  I ALSO know that if kids try sneak them in the house
to keep them for tomorrow
...say in their dresser drawers or hidden on top on the fridge...
they pop.
You've been warned...
wish I was. 
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Best Gift of All

You all know how huge the SISTER part of my life is. 
I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be
the sister in the middle...closest to both.
So you can imagine how badly I wish Annie had a sister.
Not sure how she would survive without one.
For her cousin Zadie's birthday both
Annie AND Zadie got a special gift.
Annie gave her this card:

Their gifts?

A sister.

They believe it in their hearts.

I do too.