Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Learned a Lesson...

I gotta admit...
ungratefulness has been rearing its ugly head.
I have been working hard to get it in check.
One day I had the kids sit at the computer & watch videos of the kids who live in the garbage dump as I explained how blessed we are...all the kids were in shock.
Out of that came a heart to serve those children.
We feel the best way to provide for those kids is
Not just making the meals but paying for them.
So last week Annie made lots & lots of her bracelets.
Then at our garage sale she sat out for 3 days selling them.
My poor husband had to make the booth for her
with scraps from our basement.
Annie loved writing on the chalkboards :)
But even more she loved...
And when I told her she was able to donate 80 meals...
she was thrilled!
And  she can't wait for another chance to serve.
I wonder what other good things would come if in moments of "ugliness" I took the time to teach instead of just...well let's call it "preach."
Looks like I learned a lesson too!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tea Party Manners

Being the only girl in the family doesn't stop Annie
from doing all the "girly things."
Instead she ropes in her brothers.
Last night she was teaching them how to be proper tea party guests.
Lesson 1
How to Pour Very Carefully
Lesson 2
Add Sugar & Stir
(although the sugar was just water too:)

Make sure they did it right.
Lesson 3
Pinkies Up
Rocco tried & tried but he just couldn't get his pinky up.
Thumbs up had to do :)
And just when things were going so well
 & we thought she had pulled off a miracle.
Bo came out of the house with a big jug of water
& said, "I'll show you how it is done!"
At least he didn't burp!