Monday, May 31, 2010

Wiped Out

After our BEAUTIFUL Memorial Day weekend of :



Playing with family & friends,
Uncle Mike, Bo, Isaiah, & Annie
I am afraid....we are all tuckered out.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend with Loved Ones!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sweeter than Popsicles

What could possibly be sweeter than eating popsicles from the ice cream truck with your crazy cousin?


Knowing my kids are loved by someone else.

Marie from Spun by Me sent my giveaway prize & included something special for each little monster.  All the kids were busy at breakfast with their gifts from Marie.

And for me?  The most enchanting Beatrix Potter Journal...I might share it with Annie...if she's good. :)

Oh yes, Annie & I are going to have fun...but I must confess...I am not letting the boys anywhere near it. 

The card Marie sent was so thoughtful & loving and the front of the card read this:

I thought I would throw it onto this Shabby Blogs frame & post it on my sidebar.  What a good reminder!  You might need it too :)

And there is no better way to than this:

Now happily ever after.

Thanks again Marie.
Your friendship means the world to me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Annie's Party Planning...Invitations & More

So much to do!  So much to do!

Invitations out:

This was my favorite part...a little card with directions & all the info they need:

Laura Ashley Invitations bought at Michael's. 

I actually glued 2 back to back because I didn't like the front.  I'll be was a ton of work to figure out how to print everything in the right spots...but when they were done...I couldn't wait to send them out...I just LOVED them!

The party bags are all here.  I couldn't find enough at my Target so I put a plea out to some of my BFFs.  Sarah sent some from Vegas & Cindi sent some from the Dallas area.    Actually my friend Beth checked Nashville & had her Dad even looking in Texas!  Now are those good friends or what!!! 

Target dollar bins

Treats for their little pink bags: 
 designer animal funny is that!


The teapots are ordered & should arrive today!  One for each place setting. see my absolute FAVORITE part...hop on over to Auntie Cakes to see another party favor she has been working on. gotta go.  :)  Just click HERE.

If you have missed the other Annie's Party Posts & would like to see what we have planned so far...just click HERE.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthday Boy

The day is done.  
My baby's one.

(In case you couldn't tell...that was a hamburger birthday cake, Although I think the only one who could tell was Bo.)

And I only teared up once.
Although I may cry myself to sleep.
Hey...I am a Mama...we do that.

Happy Birthday Baby

Dear Rocco,

A year ago today, I held you in my arms for the first time.  Tears streamed down my cheeks & I loved you intensely from the first moment. 
You were so new. 
You were so perfect.
You were so loved.
I couldn't wait to get to know you.

We brought you home & you became an important part of our family.

Now...a year later, we know you. 
We know how to make you laugh. 
We know what you like & don't like. 
We know you like to take walks in the stroller.
We know you love to sing.
We know that you HATE to take naps. 
We know you are a picky eater.
We know you love to play in the dirt. 
We know you love to wrestle with Daddy.
We know you are a good dancer.
We know you are the smiliest baby ever.
We know you, Rocco.
And we love you even more.

Happy First Birthday Baby.

Love Mom

May 26

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Big Bro Bo

Get in Rocco.
Shut the door.

I'll show you how to honk the horn.

You'll need some gas.
Here we go!

Me:  Oh Bo...what a sweet big brother!

Oh, maybe not.
He hit every tree in the yard.

See ya, Rocco.  
 It's not as fun when Mom won't let you hit the trees.