Monday, July 27, 2015

Always up to something...

Annie has her eye on a camera:

She has decided she want to be a photographer, and since she borrows my phone to take pictures...I agreed, 
she needs to save up for a camera.  
She's halfway there.

Her latest venture was a rootbeer stand.

Last week she got busy making signs,

washing down the stand,

and after 2 days of prep she opened for business!

It was a REALLY hot day.

For the first hour she waited patiently.

Rocco waved signs and hollered "Rootbeer for sale!"

Her only customer actually WAS Rocco.

After his one free rootbeer he spent 
3 bucks buying everyone another.

Annie was happy to take his money.

And Kit...

well he just drank,

and drank,

and drank rootbeer,

alllll afternoon.

And just when everyone was getting a little discouraged,

The customers started rolling in and everyone perked up.

The next hour she made 32 bucks! 
Thanks to some very very kind & generous tippers.

She's already scheming what she can do next.

And I'm sure she'll have her little Nikon before she knows it.

(Kit was sent in to brush his teeth)

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Should Have Known...

I have blue eyed kids.






I name my baby Blue & BAM!

Brown eyes.

And they are getting darker everyday.

Guess God had fun with that one!

I've got myself a brown eyed Blue.