Monday, April 28, 2014

Join In The Fun

So Annie is nuts for the CHARM IT! charms
...I mean totally crazy about them!
Right now they are having a pretty cool contest!
12 winners win:
 100 dollars gift card for the CHARM IT! site,
a donation to ArtStart in their name &
their drawing made into a charm!
Now we think that is the coolest part of all.
Annie has some of last years charms designed by kid designers.
She always sings,

loves our trips to the ocean,

plays in the snow half the year :),
is very Irish,

and my all time favorite:
cause she & I are sushi girls.

I mean I just smile back at the little guy!
We both think it would be pretty amazing to have a design made into a charm that other girls will wear because it means something special to them.
This weekend we had a few girls over
& they worked on designing charms.
We rounded up all our Crayola and

printed off a stack of entry forms.

The girls researched last years winners to get inspired.

Then they got busy designing.

It was the sweetest, quietest little group
because they were so busy working.

There were some pretty creative girls!

Each girl picked a pack of crayons to take home. 

So tomorrow I will get their entries in the mail
& then the waiting begins...

The winner announcement is on Annie's birthday
she thinks it's a good sign :)

I just smile & raise my eyebrows, and say,
"We already had fun either way."

So come on join in the fun!
Look at last years winners HERE
& download an entry form HERE,
& check out ArtStart HERE!

Maybe somebody will be wearing your girl's charm next year!

Plus, "Charm Designer" is pretty cool for bragging rights for a girl.
...not that we'd ever brag ;)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

She Asked For It!

Since we don't go to the neighborhood school
sometime Annie just gets a tad lonely for some girlfriends.
Last year, at about this time, Annie said to me,
"Mom...I prayed that I would get a new friend."
Exactly one week later a "For Sale" sign
went up on the house directly across the street.
A day later it sold,
to a family with one child...
...a 9 year old girl.
And God provided the perfect little playmate right across the street.
Her church group is filled with the sweetest little girls this year,
and for the first time in five years her class at school...
got a new girl,
who Annie quite adores.
Annie joined hockey and instantly fell in love with her teammates.
God is real.
God heard,
and loves my little girl.
He saw her heart and He answered swiftly.
He answered generously.
Annie sees it too.
And we are all so thankful.
Maybe there is something on your heart?

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Lately, I've been looking in the mirror
& wondering who that lady is staring back at me. 
When did I get so old?
How did I gain so much weight?

Taking a selfie is very hard for me.
(took this selfie just for you :) 
One thing I can't get over is that I look like such a mom!!!

(this one was to show my mom my new hair color :)
So, I make plans look younger...
to get skinnier.
I was thinking of getting out my old pilates video
& then I remembered:
Last time I went to pilates with my sister Kate at the Club,
there were only about 10 of us in class.  The instructor walked around while we were pilatisizing, she encouraged each member, telling them what they were doing & how strong they looked...but she always passed me by.  Then, right before class was over...she stopped in front of me (I was determined to look strong as she looked me over), she cocked her head to one side & said in the most unsure voice I had ever heard,
"Your neck is in the right place." 
Oh my....maybe I'll just embrace the whole mom look
& just decorate my selfies
and my personal fave:
Yes...Option B is sounding much easier.
Saved me a lot of calorie burning tonight.
It's always good to have a plan B.
Since I am sure you all want to decorate your own selfies now...I used the Photofy App.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hats Off to Roo


I wish so badly that you knew Roo...I mean REALLY knew him.
He is the hardest of all my kids to say no to because he is so stinkin' sweet.  Plus, he has really long eyelashes that he bats at me,
gets me every time.
On Saturday he turned 3.
We used the morning to get ready for a little party.  I just got home from dragging the kids to Target for a few party supplies & he looks up at me, "Where are the party hats?"
Party hats! 
I didn't get any party hats...
and those eyes...they really do get me.
So we dragged out the felt box & got to work.
We just glued felt to cardstock and used a headband.
The kids told me what shape they wanted,
 I cut & they decorated.
I was really surprised how much fun we had,
and what a mess we made.
But, before we knew it we had hats for the gang,
& Annie was stuck with a cupcake on her head.
(hey~her idea not mine :)
She rocked it,
& everyone looked equally ridiculous.
& I do mean EVERYONE!
Which only added lots of giggles to the party.
(Uncle Dan is a good sport.)
Roo was particularly fond of his crown.
He thought it was fabulous,
& I even found him taking a selfie with Annie.
& wouldn't you know...
when his cousins FaceTimed him with birthday wishes...
He insisted on wearing his crown.
Saturday I lost my favorite Instagram hashtag #roo2
& #roo3 doesn't have the same flair...but were doing it anyway.
Here is to a fab #roo3.
Love you Roo.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Elf

Annie & Bo have been besties since he was born.
Wherever she is he is.
He sleeps on the floor in her room every single night.
He thinks the sun & moon rise for her
& he believes every single thing she says.
Yesterday, I was in the kitchen
& I over heard those two in the other room...
"So it was an elf who tooted Annie?"
Just 2 people in the room & he KNOWS he didn't do it.
That's my girl...blame the elf.
(Please if you see her...don't mention the elf...she'd just die!)
~although I DID get her permission to hit Publish, she closed her eyes & said, "Hit it!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Need a quick joke before the kids go to bed?
I was pretty lame today,
stuffed a toy turkey into Annie's snack bag,
Tricked Annie into trying to get into someone elses car when I picked her up from school, I believed my mom was robbed for 1/2 a second when she called,  but that's about it.
But Bo's teacher...well she was on a roll today!
And when Bo came home he told me each of her jokes...
he remembered them all :)
And then he sweetly told me he got
brownie today but he saved it for me.
WooHoo...I do love brownies :)
Then, he gave it to me.
Thanks Mrs. Troost for the Brown-E.
You might need to make some brownies for dessert tonight. still have time!
Any tricks played on you?
If you blogged about it I'd love to pop by!