Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Ugly Sweater

Roo is my elf all year round.  
If I'm cooking, he's chopping.
If I'm crafting, he's gluing.  
If Kelly is fixing, he's hammering.  

So when his class announced a: 
"Make an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest." 
I knew he'd be all hands-on.

Everyday he would get home from Kindergarten 
and ask me if I had picked up his supplies.
The problem was I was picking up 
lots and lots of supplies but had no plan.
Even picking up fabric with no clue what it would become.  

2 days to go and still nothing.
Finally, we just pulled it all out 
and made the one thing that has everything!

Lucky for me, Roo can run a hot glue gun 
like nobody's business.

He's happiest when he's gluing.

And then, we went mad, 
and supplies started flying everywhere 
until we had the perfect ugliest sweater.

And he was happy as could be.
(as all elves should be)

And he was pretty excited that he tied for first place.
He got a whopping 2 votes. :)

I better go try to catch him.
Wish me luck.