Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogging Pros & Cons

   I have now been blogging for 6 months & I have learned A LOT.  I thought today I would just mention a few PROS & CONS.  An obvious PRO is GIVEAWAYS.  I haven't even entered that many but I have been REALLY LUCKY!  I mean Blessed :)    
   Cheryl from ZanyMayd sent me a very sweet package which I had the best time opening!  And now I have little pieces of her all throughout my house!

My favorite is this little dish!
She was sooo sweet & thought of Annie too! 
Annie was very happy! 
And Kate was thrilled to see her name on a package!
Thank you soooo much Cheryl!  It was all too perfect!

Another PRO is that I have been so much better about taking pictures of my family!  I'll put up some of Rocco since he too often gets left out :)  I have a feeling you'll be hearing about him a lot more soon as he starts walking.

I would never have so many memories recorded if it weren't for doing this!!!

Now for a few CONS

When you sit at the computer for 2 minutes in the middle of the day because you think everything is under control & you just HAVE to see today's Bluebird Notes...you might arise to find this:
Your brand new roll of wax paper rolled around room to room.  I suppose it could be a PRO if you were lost & needed to follow it home (as long as you are only 30 feet away from home.)

Yes Koralee...this one is your fault, well....yours & Bo's :)

Or if you sit a little too long...you might look in the mirror later in the day & wonder:

How long has that Barbie shirt been on my head & how did it get there?
And then you vaugely remember that when you were blogging your sweet, sweet daughter tapped you on the head & gave you a kiss, "Hi mom!" 

But the best PRO of all?

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bo's Money

All morning Bo has been carrying around this little wad of money.
He's been talking about it, counting it, & shoving it in his little pocket only to take it back out again a minute later.

   "That sure is a lot of money you have there Bo.  What are you gonig to do with it?"
   "I don't know, coffee.  I need coffee."  (I wish you could hear his deep little voice :)

   Coffee?  Music to my ears!  I have to admit.  I am a Starbucks addict.  You can read me 100 reports about the thousands of dollars you would save if you just skipped your Starbucks trip & I still want my mocha :)  So I said, "Sounds good to me Bo...let's call Boppa & meet him for some coffee :)

   So after we flattened out his little fist of money, he put it in his pocket & we headed to Starbucks.

Where Bo ordered & paid all by himself.
"Hot chocolate please."
The money is all gone!
(not really it was only a buck:)
Nothing like a "coffee" & a blueberry muffin.
When Bo is drinking we often have to remind him..."Bo, breathe!"

It was nice my dad could meet us too!

Thanks Bo!  For the nice morning :)  
I can already tell it is going to be a beautiful day :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Annie's Room

"Oh Hello!  Come on in!  I am sorry I didn't see you I was just beautifying....well, come on, come in!"

Okay, I can't make it through the whole post that way so I am changing back to me :)

   When I was pregnant with Annie I didn't know if I was having a girl or a boy so my husband painted one room pink & one room blue.  I really wanted the girl's room pink & green so he just painted the closet bright green & we took off from there...but there is no way I am showing you the closet. :)

   So, our big green splash is this dresser, which my parents got at an auction for 10 dollars & I painted it pink & then green & then sanded it like crazy!!!

Auntie Cake made the butterfly mobile above it! 
 It comes in pretty handy to be her sister :)
And she made the candy garland which graces the mirror.
   Apparently, I have no discernment in how many things you can hang on the ceiling.  The chandelier was a cheap brass one from Home Depot (20 bucks) that I attacked with spray paint & Christmas decorations.
   The curtains that I loved didn't come in a bright enough green so this is when I bought my sewing machine.  It is amazing how much you appreciate things when you make them!  I actually made her bed spread & many of the pillows too.  If you knew me...you would be VERY surprised I pulled it off.
I mean VERY surprised :)
Behind Annie's door is her Secret Butterfly Garden. (Dollar Tree)  Shhhh...don't tell anyone :)

   Her Aunt Tricia gave out green donkey shoes to her wedding party when she got married & it was the perfect color to match Annie's room, so even though we don't believe in luck, we love to remember that fun day.
Now this side is a bit of a mess, but a girl has to stash her STUFF somewhere.

So what does a 5 year old girl stash?

Money in her ballerina pig,
...little glass animals, and High School Musical junk everywhere!
I just love these pictures from her first birthday :)
And her shell jar will get one more shell on our trip to
Orange Beach, Alabama this summer.
And any girl who has an Auntie Cake...has a bunny.
Again, I couldn't resist hanging more...who could?!  I mean once you see these poms all over...you NEED them!
I got her vanity at a garage sale for just 8 dollars! 
Wel,l I hope you enjoyed your visit!  And remember...when you are giving tours...swing by and invite me!!!  Please!!!
Thanks for coming!