Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Green M&Ms

I will never look at green M&Ms the same...
why don't I start at the beginning?
Remember this?
Well our due dates have come & gone
& as a result we both have precious little babes. 
Kit & Kendall
As you can tell they love each other very much.
I took these pictures back in January.
I'll never forget that day.
I had Angie & Kendall over for lunch.  After lunch I was taking pictures of the babes & Rocco started crying.
"It hurts!  My nose."
It took me much longer than it should have, to figure out he had shoved an M&M up his nose.
I couldn't see it up there but I knew it was there
because a little bit of green dye ran out.
No worries, not a big deal.
Kinda funny.
I tried to get him to blow out,
he sucked in.
I tried to get him to sneeze by looking
at the sun & even tried to get him to sniff pepper.
So I called the doctor office for suggestions.
They told me to call an ambulance.
I'm not really the ambulance type but I won't lie,
that got me worried!
So, poor Angie was stuck with my kids, until
my mom could get there to relieve her, &
I tossed him in the car & drove him to the ER.
They had me put my mouth on his,
close the other side of his nose with my finger
 & blow forcefully.
No M&M came out.
Not ever.
So I learned a few lessons I thought I would pass onto you.
1) How to get things out of kids' noses.
2) When you give little boys candy, tell
them not to stick it in their nose.
3)  M&Ms melt in your nose,
not in your hand.
It'll save you this pain.
Lessons learned.
By Rocco too
He thinks it is still in there.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh Boy...

I never find out whether I am having a boy or a girl. 

I like the anticipation.
I LOVE the moment. 
The "It's a......" announcement.
That moment they lay your baby on your chest for the first time and you can't contain your emotions one more second. 
My friend Sarah had THAT moment captured:
Is there anything more beautiful?

When Kit was born I had that moment. 
I kissed him and clutched him tight as I uncontrollably sobbed tears of joy from that deepest part of my heart. 

Then when they took him to weigh him I came to my senses
& I thought,
"Did I REALLY just have ANOTHER boy?" 
And when they handed him back...I checked to make sure. 
They were right and I still took him home anyway  :)  
Three months later...the shock is still wearing off.
I have actually looked to heaven & said,
 "What were you thinking?!  Are you kidding?  Four?!"
But I really love the surprises they bring to my life.
Surprises like little boys walking by with their bunk bed ladder as if it is the most normal thing in the world,
"We are fireman." They explain.
But of course.
"Carry on then."
And they do.
They had a busy afternoon putting out more fires
than you ever could imagine,
until I made them put the ladder away.
And last night when Rocco was kissing me goodnight,
he squeezed me really tight and planted a huge kiss on my cheek.  Then he backed away looked me right in the eye. 
"Mom?  I love your guts." 
Yep...I love my boys.
Guts & all.
Thanks to my friend Sarah to letting me use that pic of hers up in my post.  She is a completely beautiful girl inside & out!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

So I'm Crazy...

Last night it was snowing like crazy. 
Big fat snowflakes coming down so hard that I could barely see, even a car length ahead of me, driving home late from Target.
So at 10:00 when I got home I ran in,
dumped Kit & the groceries on Kelly
& grabbed my phone to call my college roomie.
She didn't answer.
So I called her again.
and again.
See where it says Rensen?
Yes...I called her 7 times...in a row!
So I left a message telling her why I was calling.
And when I had finally given up,
my phone rang.
It was her.
She was singing.
And I said so desperately happy, "Are your shoes on?"
"Is your jacket on?"
I said & I ran outside.
Are we sang & danced in the falling snow together.
She was at her house & I was at mine.
And it still makes me smile now.
& by the time we were done dancing the snow had stopped.
We hadn't missed it.
I even took a picture of my tracks because they just made me smile.
Yep, I was twirling & leaping.
In college Rach & I fell in love with the song
The Snowfoot Waltz
by The Divers
It's a love story.
If you don't have it on your ipod YOU NEED IT!
Especially if you have kids or you live where it snows.
Best 99 cents you will ever spend.
& it will always be
"our song"
Dance with me
Through the falling snow.
The temperature's fine for three-quarter time
And there's no better ballroom I know.
Dance with me
Through the empty streets.
The traffic is dead
And there's a tune in my head,
And without you it won't be complete
to do the Snowfoot Waltz.
Love Ya Rach!