Thursday, April 26, 2012

We took the leap...

Sorry I haven't gotten around to visiting this week!
It has been a VERY busy week.
We have been busy shopping.

We needed boots,

And cowboy hats,

Because tonight...

We bought a horse!

This is Ginger.

Bo loves her so much he says he is gonna sleep on her.

Thanks to Renne for trusting us with her!
Renne had rescued her & now it's our turn to love her up!

We came home and had some
ice cream & brownies to celebrate.

We have some pretty happy kids
snuggled under their covers right now :)

Fell asleep smiling....I think I will too.

Monday, April 23, 2012


After our Blue week,
The next week was GREEN for sure!

Rocco's blue cast turned green
when we had to go in for a new one because he
fell in our little garden pond.
If you knew how hard I tried to
protect that thing from getting wet!
How many times I yelled,
Get away from that pond!"

You should have seen how happy Bo was when I told them they cut the old one off with a saw.  Of course, he had to come along to watch, they both loved it way too much.

We also had Annie's Academic Fair.
Her class was a pioneer village.

More green :)

(And too much orange)

Which, of course, she insisted on
wearing out to dinner before the event.

But my favorite part of her project
was the little mouse hole
that she thought of herself :)

And last was lunch.
Our Green lunch.

We replanted centerpieces from our
Spring Party into a big pot to keep on our deck.

Bo loved picking his own lunch.
Although next time he can pick it outside!
(It was raining :)

Green is good :)

Did your week have a color?
I loved reading your colors last time!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Party

A few moms got together & threw
A Spring Party
for all the 2nd grade familes.

You know how I feel about parties!

And even though it turned out to be the one cold day of Spring, Spring was definitely in the air!

Birds inspired by the much cuter version on:

Soup Can
Scrapbook Paper
A Cute Pencil

Or just add a peep on a pencil to a pot of flowers:

There was face painting,
(This is our fab hostess letting us invade her home.)

sack racing,



cookie decorating,

an egg hunt,

and lots of yummy treats!

(Cake by Gina)

Best of all there was lots of laughter
& the party went on long into the night.

Might have started a tradition :)
Hope your Spring is filled with lots of smiles!