Saturday, January 25, 2014

Life Changing...

I married a hockey player.
When I sat next to him in class I thought he was very cute
but I knew he was a hockey player...
& I knew hockey players were wild.
Until one day when my car didn't start. 
He tried to help me out & ended up giving me a ride.
It was on that little ride I found out he didn't drink, didn't party.
That was important to me.
And that moment changed my life.
It was on.
I chased him & we dated for four months before he proposed.
That hockey player changed my life.
We live happily ever after...
But this year Annie became
a hockey player.
And another hockey player changed my life.
I watched her suit up for the first time.
I watched her take her dad's number as her own.

I watched my little angel...
...get her first penalty, and second, & third.
My phone & Instagram account
filled up with pictures like these:
My boys became rink rats,
Family became fans.
The biggest fan of all award might go to Kit.
And no matter how many times Kelly got hit in the face with pompoms he never seemed to mind :)
Strangers became dear friends,
And I started clipping newspapers.
Amazingly orange, my least favorite color, became my favorite.
I found myself buying orange ribbon for hair bows,
& orange nail polish for Tiger manicures before big games.
But the biggest change of all,
 was that I fell in love with watching my girl... hockey.

Go Tigers!
Love you # 7
P.S.  turns out I was players are wild ;)