Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Puppy Love

It seems like every week there is a birthday around here.
Today, my Bo turned 7.

His birthday is 2 weeks after Annie's WHICH MEANS 
that when we go to Toys "R" Us for Annie's presents 
he is rattling off a list of what he'd like :)

Top of his list was this lil' guy.

He's a dog kid,
and since I won't buy the poor kid a dog,
I picked the bull dog up, like he hoped I would :)

That puppy got more hugs than I did today!

And I get A LOT of XOXO.

Then, tonight when we were leaving for our family walk,
 Bo said, "I need a basket to carry my pup on my bike!"

Kelly agreed & started looking online:

But, I knew it needed to be a little more tough than a bike basket.
I mean who puts a bike basket on a dirt bike...come on :)

So, I told them to hold up, went into the garage 
& found the dirtiest bucket I could find.

It doesn't get tougher than dirt.
A few zip ties was all it took to get it on tight.

Then, I told Bo to go get some manly stickers.

Ahhhh yeah....Star Wars.

Yep...that ought to do it.

The bike bucket.
It just makes you want to say, "Rad Dude."

Come on.... I know you wanna say it.

Spike survived his first ride to the park,
& I have one happy 7 year old.

Well, happy & tough.

Dirt tough.

Aw yeah, no one is messing with my kid :)

He's a pretty rad Dude.

Happy Birthday Baby.
Love ya.