Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Got Glitter?

When I say I've been busy it is not the busy you think.
It is the:
"RIGHT NOW I am putting up a post,
nursing a babe,
playing baseball with Rocco (my turn to bat),
yelling 'Bo!  Don't flood the bathroom again!' "

No man could do this  :)

When the boys nap I like to spend some girl time with Annie.  Today, we did one of my old favorites...glitterize!


All that glitter makes me smile :)

What made YOU smile today?

Adorable bracelet from Cheryl
Thanks again!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Birthday Party Tips

If you are having a party, my new favorite thing to do is:
Create personalized party labels
*create simple labels (I used Microsoft Publisher)
*send them to your local print shop via email
*have them printed on large clear sticky backs
*pick up
*stick them on everything! 

A few bucks goes a loooong way!

A little "Thank You" tag for the favor boxes.

Boxes 8 for $1.50 @ Walmart
Some plain cirlces always come in handy too.   

Perfect for their candy bags.

And run just a few copies of everyones names.

They're great for any favors.

Another good tip is...

...just because they sell Do-it-yourself balloon animal kits,
doesn't mean you should buy them.

Last summer, my lil sister & I
thought we would be such fun moms
& she got her kit out.

First of all...
...no instructions.

We had fun trying to make something better than each other,
I totally won...I won't even embarrass her by
posting her creation
 (Code for: I can't find a pic of hers, but mine was way better anyways.)

"What is it?"
"It's a puppy Bo."
"It's a puppy?  I LOVE my puppy!"

"Look Zadie!  I have a puppy!"

"Zadie let's see your balloon?"


Like, where's the fun in that?
See the tears on that poor girls shirt?

Labels - Yes
DIY Balloon Animals - 2 Thumbs Down

The balloon your mom made
looks better like that anyway kid.
I heart sisters

Monday, July 18, 2011

50s Party ~ Favors

My favorite favors I picked up for the 50s party
are these little cat eye glasses from The Dollar Store.

They are actually little reading glasses.

My Dad helped me smash the lenses out so the girls can actually
see through them without going blind :)

When Annie saw this pair she got REALLY excited.
She claimed them for her own.

My mom had a great idea and said,
"Why don't you add some gems to the rest of them?"
So I did!

I cut apart these little cell phone gems
that were a buck from the craft store,
and added a little bling to all the glasses.

It was the perfect touch!

What do you think?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Angie's Watermelon

So, since I introduced you to my cousin Angie
I thought I would share one of her ideas with you.
You can't know me with out knowing Angie.
Born about 2 months before me she is my DOUBLE cousin. 
My mom & her Dad are siblings
AND my Dad & her mom are sibling.
Got that?

We played together as children,
best friends as teens,
graduated together,
ran & rollerbladed MANY MANY miles together,
were in each other's weddings,
and we still hang :)

She ALWAYS has fun in store for me.
I need her.

Last Summer, to the 4th of July Party she brought watermelon.

It was sooo refreshing!

Just cut watermelon into popsicle shapes,
slip it onto a popsicle or lollipop stick,
wrap in tin foil,
& a few hours later you will have the perfect treat!

It took about 15 frames to get a good
"eating watermelon" pic :)
This one cracks me up.

I let it sit for a few minutes before I enjoy it.

Also if your watermelon is on the cusp of old age,
and you can't eat another bite before it goes bad...

...I use my melon baller and put single serving portions into plastic ziplocs, pop them in the freezer and then pull them out to eat instead of ice cream.

Let me know if you try it!
Thanks Ang!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yes I Did...

My cousin Angie keeps me young. 
We have been BFFs since I was born. :)
She always has something fun up her sleeve.

And tonight....
It was NKOTB.
Yes, I did. 

Oh the memories...

...of waiting out overnight for tickets (MANY times).
the letters I wrote them,
stalking them at their hotels when they were in town,
The time we had front row center seats!!!

Ahhhh...makes me smile :)

And tonight they made me smile again.

(I just used my lil' camera & left the pics unedited so you could get the feel.)

They are touring with the Back Street Boys.

Now all I have is my stub

my memories, 

And a smile to fall asleep with.

Thanks GUYS!
 Thanks to Angie & Pham for the great seats!

And thanks to my parents for babysitting until one in the morning since Kel is out of town :)

Do you remember the New Kids on the Block?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pirate Party

Bo's Birthday was when we were on vacation.
I wasn't sure how we were going to swing it but
our favorite restaurant THE HANGOUT had Pirates & Princesses every morning over breakfast.

So a Pirate Party it was.
My mom got Bo this cute hat!

The pirates were fierce & scared the heck out of Rocco.

They dropped gold coins as they walked along. 
Annie picked up a bunch & showed me her loot.
I told her she looked way too nice to be a pirate so...

Much Better.
There was a treasure hunt too.

Pretty Sweet Booty.

And all I had to do was buy a cake!

You have one treasure hunt
& everyone thinks they are a pirate!

And when we got home we made a
special little box for our pirate adventures:
 for our pirate stash.

Much easier than Annie's Sock Hop...
I am seeing circles!
I am glad to be done cutting these little invitation
books for Annie's class.
But, I LOVED how they turned out.

Should be a fun night!