Friday, February 21, 2014

Battle Day

Annie has this book that she carries around.
It is well worn as she reads it A LOT.
But it's NOT because she loves chemistry.
It's because if you flip open the cover
you will see on the title page that
it's not really about chemistry at all:
It's jammed pack full of girl stuff like:
and has solutions for girl problems like:
 I gotta say....I have tried ALL these solutions for bad hair
....& they are not foolproof.

and my favorite page:
Last week Annie was reading her "Chemistry" book
and noticed a fun holiday coming up in Southern France:
And even though we don't live in France...
we've never really been the type to let something fun pass us by.
So we bought some flowers and decided
to throw them at whoever we wanted :)
She was all ready to go
but school was cancelled
because of a snow storm.
So, when our neighbor came over to snowblow our driveway...
Annie ran out, threw a flower at him,
& then they took a selfie :)
Then Annie grabbed some flowers and my phone
& headed over to get our neighbor Cathy.
When I asked Annie how it went
she said, "She opened the door & invited me in
& then I threw the flowers at her."
Cathy said,  "She's gonna tell her company
tonight where she got the pretty flowers."
So watch out.
If you see a little girl who looks like she is straight from Sochi,
she might just throw some flowers at you in honor of
Battle of the Flowers Day.
We have more flowers to throw
but I wanted to get this posted so you still have time... get some flowers!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bo's Valentine Box

Ideas come easy to me for girly things,
but for boys?
I'm clueless.
So that's when I ask the expert.
He may look young but he is a genius when it comes to boy stuff,
"Bo what do boys like?"
"Fish, spiders & snakes"
"Fish it is."
For Bo's Valentine box we decided to make a Valentine bowl.
We grabbed out our old fish bowl & a little glitter glue.
He painted the water in.
We knew it was perfect because...heaven was shinning on it.
We haven't seen the sun in months...but there it was
...shining on the bowl perfectly :)
I was too cheap to pay 2 bucks for stickers
when all I needed was 2 letters. :)
I colored contact paper with a sharpie
& we printed a font off the computer to cut out.
Not perfect but free!
We filled it with our old rocks & plants.
The bowl only need one more thing...
 We decided we wanted BIG ones!
We took 2 full sheets of paper & glued them together with a wadded up tissue stuck in the middle.
Then just cut out some fish shapes,
and glittered the heck out of them!
We found that it was very important not to forget:
Then they went for swim
in the Valentine Bowl!
I loved that they could take them out & play.
We had so much fun with it!
The space Valentines we bought
just seemed wrong so we got busy.
He turned out to be a glitter artist.
And we had a full on Glitterpalooza.
Three full jars seriously ended up on the rug,
(not him....Baby Kit)
but Bo's hard work paid off  when we slapped
fishies on all his Valentine treats.
He was pretty excited to take it to school.
And it came home STUFFED with Valentines.

He was one Happy boy!

Except there was a little of this:
Cause he couldn't believe he'd get princess pretzels from a girl!

He gave those to the baby who didn't mind the princess at all.
And when we are ready to get a real fish again
I'm just going to wash the glue out.
But for now we are pretty happy with just
& Miss Molly.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine Box

It's time!!!
That's what we call it around here.
Well the boys anyway.
And what comes to mind when you think
of Valentine's Day?
So this year Annie made flowers for her Valentine box.
My husband walked in saw them on the counter & asked,
"Did your dad get you flowers?"
'Cause my Dad's just that kinda guy that does.
No!  We made them!
Underneath all those flowers
is an oatmeal box and a styrofoam ball.
I just cut the bottom off the ball so it would sit flat
and used the hot glue gun
on LOW HEAT Setting. 
High heat might melt your ball.

Then, I started arranging the flowers.
I got 2 in before Annie caught me & wanted to take over.
I'll be honest here...
...I had a vision in my head,
 that I was excited about.
I was secretly wishing I could finish MY Valentine box...
...but of course it was really I tried to behave
& handed her the hot glue gun.
to which her eyes got huge & she said, "You trust me with that thing?"
I totally didn't but I handed it over anyway. 
I stepped back & she completely took over.
She poked & dabbed & arranged like a pro.
What worked for us:
Clip the flowers
Remove the leaves and hot glue them onto longer wooden skewers.
Poke in the flowers.
Fill in with the leave skewers.
 We didn't even plan the heart shirt...nice touch eh?
She nailed it!
Then we removed the top.
and I covered the bottom in pink paper.
We worked together with school glue, a paint brush & Martha Stewart's oversized hexagon glitter
to create the graduated effect.
(color: sterling)
That's my favorite part!
I cut her name out of card stock with an
exacto knife & we glittered that baby up.
When it comes time to pass out Valentines she will just
pop the top off & set it right next to the bottom.
 A girl's gotta have a plan :)
And at the end of the school day she'll take home her own
bouquet of flowers stuffed to the brim with treats & notes.
(better not be any love notes:)
Only one danger with this project...
for weeks you will be picking glitter off your husband's forehead
& out of your soup.
You've been warned :)
Next week...I'll be working on the boy's.
If you try this project I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to either link over to your finished project here on this post, or if you don't blog, I'd love to add a picture of yours! 
Get that glue gun going! 

Here is a peek at last year's Cupcake box.