Sunday, May 26, 2013

Puppy Party

Rocco turned 4 today
We threw him a puppy party.
First up...
Puppy Hats for everyone!
(Oriental Trading 22$ for a dozen!)
Then a bone hunt!

Every puppy loves an obstacle course:

Jump through the hoop,

Carry the bone,

Push the ball with your nose,

Then we just did lots more stuff like:
Make muddy paw prints.
(Potato Stamps)
Clip their nails.

Yes...we seriously did.

Of course we had to eat bones
(Graham cracker bones)
& cupcakes too...
One last thing you won't want to forget:
~Happy Birthday Little Pup~

Friday, May 17, 2013

One day a year...

My little sister & I have nine kids between us.
One day a year,
May 17th,
on this little girl's birthday...
our kids are all different ages...
 until tomorrow,
when this lil' guy turns 2.
We think it's pretty cool
& take a picture every May 17.
Little joys, love 'em.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We love her...

Miss Hannigan...
she's a big part of our lives here.
We sing her songs,
we quote her,
we love her.
Having a kid named Annie you see that play a lot.
(We are kinda lucky :)
My little sister's daughter has seen it too.

When they have clean up time at their house she actually says,
"Mom...say 'Get to work you rotten orphans!'
"Say 'You're gonna work until this dump shines like the top of the Chrystler building!'"
"Mom, don't help us...just walk around & yell at us!"
So...she calls them rotten orphans & makes them clean :)
& they love it!
At our house we like the line,
"We're not having hot mush for breakfast,
we're having cold mush!"
The kids groan but they actually love cold mush!
I get lots of requests for "morning mush" from the kids & today Annie brought her teacher a jar of it.
It was good practice for Annie writing
a recipe to pass along with the jar.
I love how she spelled Vanilla:
Morning Mush
                                         1/2 C Oats
                                         1T Peanut Butter
                                         1 container vanilla Greek yogurt
                                         Ground flaxseed
                                         Fresh or frozen berries
                                         Mix & Eat
We like the Dannon 2x protein vanilla greek yogurt
Frozen berries are actually fab in here!
Hope you get a chance to try a little morning mush.
Miss Hannigan would be proud :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just can't wait...

We are so tired of being cooped up from the long winter that even the rain doesn't scoot us inside.
A day like today was perfect for catching raindrops,
(Oh lil Roo:)
And rainy days are perfect for projects!
This summer we are headed on a trip to the Gulf of Mexico & we are sooooooo excited! we made a chain to count down the days until we leave.
Annie & I had fun looking through my old scrapbook stuff
Then we just slapped them on our ocean chain.
I must admit this is my favorite link:
The kids are already fighting over who gets
to tear off the shark link but I don't care...
I Just want to enjoy every minute of anticipation
before we start our 24 hour ride south to heaven.

I think the anticipation is just as fun as the travels.
You going anywhere?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

She is dangerous...

We live on the tip of a curve...we also have LOTS of teenagers in the neighborhood, so cars coming flying around the curve & I worry like crazy about my kids.  Many times I have seen the teens texting while driving on top of that!  So when my kids ride their bikes I am usually out in the street by them.  And I must have warned the kids a million times of the dangers because the other day Rocco was riding his bike down the road singing a song he made up.  It went like this, "I'm not dying, I'm not dead, I'm riding my bike & I'm not even dying." 
He sang it for a good 15 minutes.
Then he rode by me, "Mom aren't you proud of me I am riding my bike & I'm not even dying!  Aren't I such a big boy Mom?"
Oh Brother!
I don't know how many of you remember the
of teaching Annie how to ride a bike.
She rides almost everyday now.
Even in the snow.
After school she gets out of the car
& rides her bike no matter what.
So one would think she would be an expert right?
Well...just last week while I was standing
in the street holding Kit...
& she hit me!
Smacked right into us!
I actually had to make a rule:
If you hit me with your bike I will take away your bike for 2 days.
Then the very next day
~I am not even joking~
look what I caught her doing:
Yes folks...she is texting while biking!
She borrowed my phone to call a friend
& I totally forgot until I turned around
& saw her riding down the road like that.
I was so glad I had the camera close.
(I had just taken the other biking pics in the post)
Just when I think I have seen it all...
Don't worry I took it away before she took out any parked cars.
Don't think she wouldn't!
Oh & if you missed the post of Annie learning to ride,
You really might want to read it.
I just reread it myself & I have tears running down my face from laughing so hard...It was painful..very painful.
Just Click HERE.