Monday, May 14, 2012

I Didn't Say...

The week leading up to Mother's Day was full of adventures.

Me sitting on a full, just opened,
 Go-gurt left on the couch,

Bo deciding to paint the new deck railings
yellow with a paint pen he found,

Rocco deciding to change his own poopie diaper,

and a tiny glass of water taking out
our 1 year old lap top.

So when my Dad bought me a dozen bright colored roses,

I didn't say, "You shouldn't have!"

And when Annie gave me the sweetest
homemade box with candy, 

You didn't hear me say,
"You didn't need to get me anything!"

And when Kelly wrote me the sweetest card with a thick little wad of 20s for my new camera fund,
I did NOT say,
"That is too much!"

What I did say, when those little rascals were
hugging me & telling me what a good Mom I am, was,

"Thank You! 
You are soooo lucky God picked
ME to be your Mommy!"

See I am a little bit of a rascal too :)

I like Mother's Day.
Hope you had a good one!