Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Yes...I've been quiet here...but there IS a reason.

I'm tired...  
It is so dark here so early & these boys,
the loves of my life,
can wear a mama out.

But mostly I'm tired 'cause when I am pregnant...I'm tired! 

So, right now I go to bed soon after I get the kids to bed.

The lil' Babe was a totally surprise,
as I was pretty sure I already had more than I can handle.
But...God has other plans,
better plans,
for my family & me.

And I'm about ready for another one of these:

The kids are completely excited,
Annie says it's all she can think about.

She's already making the babe a hat.

She's making one pink & one blue.

Roo is pretty sure I am having two little babies 
& they are up in my chest.

Bo says, "It better be a boy."

Rocco wants to name it buttercup.

Roo wants to name it Jello, just what every woman wants,
 kids rubbing her tummy saying "Hello, Jello".

Me...I can't believe I have to name another child!

And Kit will be in for the surprise of his life.

So Baby Doyle #6 is due May 2nd.