Sunday, March 25, 2012

This time he did...

Our week was colored with blue.
With 3 boys I shouldn't be surprised :)

Rocco tells me almost daily,
"Mom I broke my leg!"
Well, this time he was right.
He was just happily dancing around for his grandpa,
stepped on it wrong,
and broke a bone in his foot.

A quick trip to the doc...
....for one blue cast.

And an hour later..

He was off!!!
Not slowing him down one bit.

And today
2 blue treats.

Bedtime snack of Blue popcorn.

(Popsecret Magic Colors blue butter)

And Roo enjoyed a blue marker.

What color was your week?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Easter Traditions

Every year my mom plants a pot of grass for each grandchild.
We keep them by our kitchen window
& they grow like crazy. 
This is only 2 days after a haircut!
BO LOVES giving them haircuts!
They get quite a close shave!
But in 2'll be ready for another cut.

But my FAVORITE tradition is
Ukrainian Easter Eggs.
My little sister & I both student taught under Slava, a woman from the Ukraine.  She taught it to her class every year & we were lucky enough to pick it up!
These are my first two eggs this year.
I like to use the traditional pattern and go crazy from there.
The details are so fun!

The newly cut grass makes a great way to display the eggs.

And of course a special egg in the lunch box is always a hit.

They are not cooked...
I give these eggs a survival rate of about 1,
maybe 2 days...
you know my boys!

Do you have any special traditions?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making Memories

Life seems to be speeding up.

Just yesterday Annie was born.
Now, when I lay out clothes in the morning
there are FOUR pairs of jeans on my bed.
Even you might remember Roo being born,
and in a few weeks he'll be one.
I've been tresuring every moment of it though.
Taking joy in the little things.

This weekend we tapped a maple tree,
and even though it was no big deal,
I knew we were making memories.

In the bustle of a weekend full of activity and dear friends,
little moments like

finding the toilet won't flush because
there is an apple plugging it up,

and finding the boys giving Roo a makeover,
remind me to pause,
Won't last forever..

but the memories will...

What little memories do you hold dear?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Do'n it Day

I hadn't really been pinning too much until last week. 
On Friday I kinda got out of is the proof:
Roo had to feed himself.
Bo was getting his own drinks.

Someone got bored & started "watering" plants.

And my laundry basket was found like this.

But Saturday all that pinning paid off.
I made my grocery list & got groceries
for 5 different healthy recipes I had pinned.
while the boys were on their own :)

I have already made 3.
Addicted to these.
Oatmeal breakfast bars.

Can't wait to use these tomorrow:

On my new Chicken recipe.

And even filled my freezer with
lots of cut up onions & peppers.

Then I made these jars that I saw on pinterest
& later regreted not pinning.
10 gems 10 pounds.
Lets start with that.
Move the gems to the other jar as they come off.

Saturday was a good day.
Preparing myself for lots of good days to come.
Thanks to pinterest.

Try to do one pin this week girls!
You'll be glad you did!
(let me know if you do :)