Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life's Little Surprises

I've heard it said, "Trouble follows him wherever he goes."  
For me it is true.
Trouble LITERALLY follows me wherever I go.

But, it doesn't just follow me.

It also goes before me,

along side me,

you name it...trouble is all around me.

Living with a pack of trouble boys is the most interesting thing.

The other day I got into my husbands car & found unwrapped tampons in his cup holder, 
just the cotton parts, 
"Hmmm...I'm not sure I want to know."
He replied, "Oh it's a good one,
the boys were shoving them up their noses,
they were telling me these are nose cleaners." 

And yesterday when I told the boys to vacuum up their mess,
 they walked right past my vacuum and hauled 
this baby in from the garage.  

Life is full of little surprises.

When I got home the other day I had to burst out laughing... husband was patching the walls to paint:

but got me a much needed makeover...

Now if I could just get them to break my entry way light.  
(I'm actually not kidding)

Then, last week my washer was not spinning out.  I had to manually turn it to spin & drain after each load.  We started looking at new washers.  At the end of the week one night I told the kids, "Go put your shoes on."  I got to the back door & there was Bo...standing in my washer!  You can imagine I was not very happy.  The boy is too old to be doing stuff like that.  But you know....after that my washer worked, he fixed it!!!   Sometimes their shenanigans come in handy.  I almost put him back in it to take a picture!  But I didn't think it would be good to encourage him.

These little surprises are what just one little week of my life is like.

It'll sure be interesting to see what this babe I'm carrying is.
I just realized I might have 5 sons 7 & under...
...I'm not gonna lie....little freaky :)  

Friday, December 12, 2014

A Baby Story...

Today Kit turned 2.

More than any of my kids, Kit thinks HE runs the place.

He does everything the other boys do...everything.

He wants to be right there in the middle of it all
& if he's not in a picture I take's probably because I cropped him out.

He is full of life & curiosity,
he wants to know how everything works.

He knows how to get his I actually found him following Rocco around with the toaster because he was yes...Rocco made him toast.

Now there is something most of you don't know about Kit's story.  When he was about 6 months old, a routine doctor visit showed something wrong with his blood work.  We were sent to the Children's hospital that very same day.  That night after a battery of test, Kelly and I were told by the doctor that Kit had cancer.  Then she curtly told us we needed to wait in this little room for the Oncologist & the Hematologist to come down to speak with us & figure out his treatment plan.  For the next hour & a half we prayed, we cried, we planned how to make the other kids feel loved, and I held him tighter than I ever have before in my life.  I finally asked Kelly to call my mom & tell her.  He did.  She phoned my sisters for me to tell them the news.

After that hour & a half the same doctor came back into the room and told us it looked like he didn't have cancer & we could go home.  No apology & left the room.  I cried even harder than before...this time sobbing tears of joy.  Hurried phone calls to correct what we told everyone were met with lots of crying and "Praise God!!!!" 

That dark night, darker than any other, turned out to be a gift.  Not a day goes by when I don't thank the Lord that Kit is cancer free.  I just look to heaven & say "Thank you!!!" 

So if my Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of my baby boy,

 it's cause when I look at him my heart ooooozes
with love & joy.

He's just such a big part of us.

So, today I could hardly wait to throw up the party decorations...

To celebrate my baby turning 2.

Cause ooooo baby Kit I do love you!

(It took a few weeks, and a great doctor to realize Kit has neutropenia.  His body kills off the white blood cells that fight bacteria.  We just protect him a little more & take him in if he is starting to get sick.  The doctors are optimistic that he will grow out of it :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Yes...I've been quiet here...but there IS a reason.

I'm tired...  
It is so dark here so early & these boys,
the loves of my life,
can wear a mama out.

But mostly I'm tired 'cause when I am pregnant...I'm tired! 

So, right now I go to bed soon after I get the kids to bed.

The lil' Babe was a totally surprise,
as I was pretty sure I already had more than I can handle.
But...God has other plans,
better plans,
for my family & me.

And I'm about ready for another one of these:

The kids are completely excited,
Annie says it's all she can think about.

She's already making the babe a hat.

She's making one pink & one blue.

Roo is pretty sure I am having two little babies 
& they are up in my chest.

Bo says, "It better be a boy."

Rocco wants to name it buttercup.

Roo wants to name it Jello, just what every woman wants,
 kids rubbing her tummy saying "Hello, Jello".

Me...I can't believe I have to name another child!

And Kit will be in for the surprise of his life.

So Baby Doyle #6 is due May 2nd.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It Happened...

Once upon a time I had this little baby girl.

and she grew...

and grew...

and grew.

And she was pretty sure the world belonged to her.

Then, one day I looked in my rear view mirror 
& I completely lost my breath.

The little girl was gone.

And in her place was a little teeny-bopper.

Who lies on her bed & talks to Danny.

(Don't worry friends...Danny is a girl.)

But it's okay,
only cause she still grabs my hand when we go shopping.

And 'cause she's the best big sister in the world.

I just hope she still believes the world belongs to her.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Always an Adventure...

When you are a mom of little boys there is one thing you just have to do:


Yuck...I know...

So, last night for the first time EVER we loaded up our new tent, drove 2.5 hours to a beautiful state park.  Got our spot, got the tent out & it started to rain.  No...It started to POUR, thunder AND lightning, as Kelly and I attempted to put this tent together in the dark, (except for when it would lightning...then we could see for a sec), all with 5 little faces peering out the back window of our SUV.  After 20 minutes we got back in the car SOAKED, buckled everyone in & drove home.  True story.  

The kids never pouted once, in fact, they thanked us over & over again for trying.  It really was pretty funny, 5 hours in the car with 5 kids and no vacation.  

So this afternoon...

The tent went up in the backyard.

They were all pretty pleased with themselves & I'm pretty sure they were all thinking last nights tent fail was my help vs. theirs.  

Dinner was Franks & Beans over the fire.

With camping it's the little things like cooking your own dinner,

and getting away with drinking your beans cause you can't remember where you put your spoon down,

sneaking the chocolate for the s'mores,

and chilling with Daddio.

The boys gobbled the beans,

(and apparently put their hot dogs right on the driveway.)

(Don't worry when I noticed it in the pic I got the kid a plate.)

Rocco took delight in gathering firewood...

...from my rock garden.

Okay, Okay, so we are not legit campers.

I won't be earning this badge:

I'll admit that when the rain started tonight I snuck inside with Kit as the rest of the crew hurried to the tent.  

So they are out there:

while the 2 of us will be snug in our comfy beds...

...oooh scratch that...
the door just opened & 2 boys in their tighty whities are coming in with their flashlights claiming it's too hot (Its 69 degrees).

Well, the 4 of us will be cozy 
& Annie, Rocco & Kel will earn this tonight:

Good night friends!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Little Tour

No matter how much I want to deny it...
my baby girl is growing up.

We moved her into our home office last September & FINALLY this week we put the last piece in place.

So you want to see the rest?

Well, I hope you said, "YES!" 'cause I'm gonna make ya :)

(Moms with lots of kids are bossy)

I asked Annie if I could invite you in.

She thought I was a weirdo, but of course, she said yes.

So come on in!

Kelly & one of his good friends built the cupboards.

It pays girls, marry a many who is a hottie & a handyman.

A girl needs a good place to stash her goodies & let me tell one has more goodies than Annie.

When you walk in,
the wall to your right has her desk.

She keeps things special to her heart on display:

Her family,

Her friends,

 & the game pucks her coach gave her. :)

The wall to your left is filling up fast!

And only in a girl's room could there be a 
hockey trophy tucked behind a ballerina bunny.

And the head of her bed bears little moments 
 she never wants to forget.

Well girls...that's the tour.

Not too fancy, but just perfect for my girl,

and little brothers,

and cousins.

And it's my favorite room in the house.

Thanks for visiting! 
I'll tell Annie you stopped by!