Friday, April 29, 2011

Crazy Mom

So why is a first grader up at 3:26 in the morning?
To attend a Royal Wedding party, of course :)
Headed to my sister Kate's house now,
...hope her teacher forgives me when she is very tired today :)

Are you attending?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Favorite Things

Little boys like rain boots & worms.

But me? 

I treasure handmade cards
& handwritten letters.
Ones from Cathie postmarked Australia...priceless.

And I treasure brown paper packages tied up with string.

The best ones are filled with
handmade gifts postmarked 
Aunt Theresa @ 612 Riverside that excites me :)

But then it excites my whole family...
I barely had time to snap a picture of these chicks she sent
before Rocco was snatching them up.

And Bo could NOT WAIT long enough to put shoes on before
 he zoomed out the door to decorate walk with the chalk she sent.

Thanks so much Cathie & Theresa!

If you like beautiful people, inside & out...
You should be hopping over to visit them right now.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happiness is...

Easter egg hunts in p.j.s.
Biting the ears off first.
The giggles I had looking through my Easter pics,
just look at Bo's face.

We couldn't get everyone together again this year...
but at least Annie is pretty consistent :)
She eats this picture thing up.
"Mom...get a picture with my shoes."
She may have the posing down perfect...
(can even rock some rug burn)
...but this picture here is a look
I can't live without.
Can you blame me?

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Easter Bull

You find the perfect Easter dress...
to match the cutest Easter sandals.

Then add one round of playing "BULL" with dad
& add a big dose of rug burn.
(Dad The "Bull" obviously won)

Thank goodness Easter is about sooooo much more!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I don't think I was prepared how busy I would be.
No...I am sure I wasn't.

Roo has been busy growing.

Annie has been busy working hard at school.

And the boys...well they have been BUSY!!!

Today my sweet neighbors babysat the BIG BOYS just to give me a little time with just Roo.  They raised 2 boys of their own & are expecting their 3rd grandchild any day.  They know a lot more about raising boys than I ever will :) 

They came home with the sweetest
little little tub of graham crackers and a project.

Rocco didn't want to waste one sprinkle.

And Bo was soooo proud of what he made with Mrs. Kathy.

Easter Egg garland.

I never would have thought of doing something
so fun with the boys. 
I need to get better at that.

And just since I have started this blog post...I have stopped 3 times to wipe tears, change diapers, & clean up messes you would rather not read about.

But I have lots of little good surprises too. 
Like these gorgeous flowers I received from someone
 I treasure like a sister.

Bo loves how much the doorbell is ringing & yells,
"We got a livry!"

My girl Beth sent these adorable bunnies!

and my Etsy bracelet from another
BETH brought me lots of smiles too!
Just look at those Daisies!!!

Annie is trying to convince me it looks better on her
...but I am not falling for it.

I ordered a bath fizzy too from Beth,
maybe I will share this one with Annie...maybe.

You can check out Beth's Store right HERE.

Now the count of stops is up to 7
& Rocco is starting to cry so I think I better go. 

Yep...I had no idea how busy I'd be.
But sooner or later I will get the hang
of this "mom of four kids" thing, right? 

I sure hope so :)