Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'll have it forever...

October 2009 was when I started blogging...
started by accident really...
I wanted to help my sister figure out how to do it.
Here I am, 4 years later, with so many memories recorded that I could just sit hear reading our lives with a box of Kleenex. 
If my friend Shelby was here...she'd supply the Kleenex.
Here we were,
Rocco was just a babe.
Now, he's the BIG brother.
Teaching the lil' guys everything he knows. 
He's always smiling, and constantly talking our ears off.
He's helpful & joyful.
So much I didn't know about him back then.

& Bo
I didn't know he would be the perfect combination of
Instead of picking me flowers...
"Mom!!!  Come outside!  I picked you a tree!"
I didn't know that he'd be fussy about how his hair looked.
I didn't know how he would stick his chest out & stand up extra tall with twinkling eyes when he was proud of himself.
I just didn't know.
I knew Annie the best when I started blogging.
I know every inch of her heart...cause she's me.
But I didn't know she'd end up touching
people's hearts, reaching many in a magazine
& in just a few short years she'd have her own blog.
I didn't know what a little lady she'd be.
Back then...
I had NO IDEA I'd have 5 kids.
I'm still in shock.
& I didn't know how quickly time would fly.
Since their childhood is slipping away far faster
than this Mama's heart can handle I knew it was time
 to get some pictures by my favorite photographer, 
I knew she'd be able to capture their childhood. 
And she did :)

Thanks Jessie for giving me a little bit of their childhood...forever.
(Now I need that Kleenex again )

(The slideshow shows up in my comp but not on my phone or ipads sorry!)