Friday, April 30, 2010

Annie's Party Planning...Cupcake Cake Plates

    I have been having WAY too much fun planning this with my sis, Auntie Cake.  I mean WAYYYYY too much.  I think my husband is getting a little frightened.  I WISH I could get him to make a scared face to insert HERE but, not a chance :)

    Today, I am going to show you a little sneak peek of the cupcake cake plates.  Now, please don't look too closely at the cupcake...baking is REALLY not my thing.  Confession...I actually used a ready to bake frozen muffin puck just so I could take this cake plate for a test run.   Sad...I know.  Hey, at least I used a chocolate muffin :) 

Cupcake anyone?
I am not sure what the cupcakes will look like but the party colors are pink & turquoise.

Here are the easy to make cupcake plates:

Now, I will let you in on all my amazing secrets. 
(I hope you know that amazing secrets
part was sarcastic :) 

Here is all you need:

    I liked these clear cups that I found at Target (party supply isle), only because they are a little skinnier than a lot of plastic cups.  I turned them upside down & sprayed the outside.

And then the top is just this little cardstock circle, $0.69 at Archivers.

I bought a few colors to try but I liked the silver the best.

Then, I actually just used a few pieces of rolled scotch tape to attatch them.  I didn't want glues to ruin the top.

& Wah-lah!
You are done!

Then, today I found the perfect touch:

Just a stick on Gem! 
(Michael's 20 for $2.99)

    I wish I could show it to you with the cupcake, but the second I finished taking pictures, there was a boy with BIG puppy dog eyes happy to take it off my hands.
So you see...all I have now is an empty cupcake plate.  :) 

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Picnic in the Woods

    Our couins came over today & we had our picnic in the woods! 

    We don't really have much of a backyard...VERY this year, I decided I would make some more play space in the woods behind our home.  I have been trampling a path daily & snipping a lot of dead vines...but now, we have this little magical place to play.  So today, the kids headed down the path...

                        Cousin Isaiah
And found something special!

The kids quickly took their seats with squeals of delight!
And dug right in!

     Cousin Zadie
There was lots of talking & laughing as our kids REALLY do enjoy each other.
Soon, even the babies joined in.
Cousin Cal tried his first cucumber!
And Bo & Isaiah toasted..."Cheers!"
Where do they learn that? :)

And of course, Rach (my lil' sis) & I took lots of pictures!
And then...the kids trampled down the path home again.

I am sure...picnics in the woods will be quite popular around here this summer :)

Come on over!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Pom Pom Toothpicks

    Tomorrow my sister Rachael is coming over with her kids.  I am planning a little picnic in the woods with our new table

    Last week while visiting Party City I saw some REALLY CUTE pom pom toothpicks.  They were so bright & colorful I really just wanted them...TOOTHPICKS!   Now that is bad :)  I put them back on the shelf because they were $6.99 for 24.  That is a little ridiculous. 

   The very next day while browsing the kid's crafty isle at Target I saw the same pom poms.  80 for $2.00.  Now we're talking!!!
I mean who could resist those!  Not me!

Right when we got home Annie & I busted out the hot glue gun & toothpicks.

I dabbed the glue on & handed them to Annie who stuck the pom poms on.

Then, we had a whole load of happy toothpicks :)

I pulled out some pink & blues for Annie's party.

I have to tell you...cheese sticks & grapes taste WAY better with a pom pom.  I bet everything would :)

Just perfect for our picnic!

Fun doesn't get any simpler than that!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shell Jars 2

    I know...I know...I already posted about the shell jars!  :)  But, I finally made Bo & Rocco their jars, so that when we go to the beach this summer, they will have their own special place to keep a shell to remember our trip!  I just wanted to show you all that I actually got something done! 

    They make GREAT baby gifts, personalized &
pretty inexpensive.

    First, you can get these jars at Target.    I got the boys' bigger ones for 5 bucks at Target.  I actually like the little ones better and they are even cheaper (pantry isle).

I picked up this little pack of shells at Michael's (just a craft store)for $1.00.
Next, pick a color & paint. :) 
Attatch the shells with a hot glue gun.
Find some lettering you like & just stick it on.
Done!  See?  Easy, cute, keepsake!

    Just perfect to start your shell collections!  One shell goes in each time you visit the ocean!  I like to use a permanent marker to mark them with this information:
child's age
number of shell put in the jar
who traveled with you

Bo has 1

Annie has 4.
Poor Rocco has an empty jar.
But, he will get his first one this summer!

If you live near an ocean you might just use it to dump shells into. :)
But one thing is for sure....the kids LOVE their jars.

Hey Rocco!  I just put that on there! 
Oh, & if Rocco comes to visit you...keep it up high :)
Let me know if you make one!
I'd LOVE to see it!