Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Filling the Pages...

filled with blessings.
I'm so busy planning for the new year that I hadn't stopped to think about the year we are leaving behind.
The pages of this chapter have all been turned.
So I'm writing like mad.
Planning for our family for the new year.
I've started my daily checklists.
And plan to spend part of each day reading
 and playing games with the kids.
I've picked out Bible Verses for each child.
And of course...I'm wearing my new Fitbit,
buying goodies like this,
and eating meals like this.
Yes, it is gonna be a good year.
2014 we are ready to write your story
& fill your pages with sweet memories and adventures.
The only thing that could make the new year
better is if I could afford a cleaning lady. 
But then Kit would be sad cause
I then I wouldn't need him to vaccuum.
Hey, he turned 1 two weeks ago,
he's not a baby anymore,
& he dropped the cereal anyway :)
So, even though tonight I'm staying in since Annie is sick,
I'm having a good time reflecting on last year,
planning for the new,
 and finishing my checklist for the day :)
Happy New Year friends! 
It's been a crazy week but I'll be by to visit next week I promise!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Snow Magic

Our 6' 4" soldier came home from
boot camp right before Thanksgiving.
(My nephew)
It was a celebration!
We had missed him so much!
He is such an important part of my family & Bo's best friend.
The other day he came over just to play.
He took the boys outside to make a Boman.
But, apparently Bo was too tall & the snow was not sticky,
 so they settled for a Roccoman...
...not quite the same ring to it but cute nevertheless :)
I walked by my window & saw the business outside
& grabbed my camera.
This is FOR A FACT the longest Rocco has ever stood still.  Ever.
And he LOVED it!
I was the crazy woman running out to take some pictures,
and back in to check on Kit.
and in.
Kit and I thought we were the smart ones staying warm inside.
We also thought we were the best looking
& that we could crush them in a singing competition any day. 
Guess that makes us a triple threat. 
BUT the boys outside were pretty cute too.
And before we knew it branches were jammed in for arms
and Roo was sticking on the buttons.
They had turned my boy into a snowman.
There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found.
Or maybe it was a cousin investing in the lives of my boys.
Either way...
It was magical!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This is my favorite night of the year...
...Sunday School pageant.
I love it so much cause this is what it is really about,
celebrating with our families the true meaning of Christmas.
I love the imperfection.
Rocco the donkey was singing too loud, and dancing away.
And the suspense...will my other donkey say his line?
He did.
I even love the photo shoot after with the cousins
& trying to get everyone to look the same way.
Sunday school is such an important part of our kids' lives.
I am soooooooo thankful for the amount of time
their teachers pour into my children.
Bible stories spill out of my kids all week,
as things we do at home trigger memories
of what they learned in Sunday School,
& my heart leaps with joy when they know things
I didn't teach them...about God.
That's why buying teacher gifts is one of
my favorite things to buy each year.
I like to get them something I would want.
This year...
We will let them choose the one that speaks to them.
(this one is a planner)
Each teacher is so different.
But I want each one to know how much I appreciate the time it takes away from their families...to bless mine.
The cards are simple card stock,
not anything pretty that you'll see on Pinterest.
Just hand cut trees,
The message is simple & handwritten.
And even though it's not much...
I hope they know how much they are loved.
Thank you.
BTW the lil' trees are in high demand
if you have a pack of little boys.
Oh & here is a little blooper reel from my picture taking :)

& then  Roo.
and while I was taking the picture of the stack...
I was lying on the floor with Kit sitting on my back :)
But it's all good cause if he wasn't there...he was here:

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I'll have it forever...

October 2009 was when I started blogging...
started by accident really...
I wanted to help my sister figure out how to do it.
Here I am, 4 years later, with so many memories recorded that I could just sit hear reading our lives with a box of Kleenex. 
If my friend Shelby was here...she'd supply the Kleenex.
Here we were,
Rocco was just a babe.
Now, he's the BIG brother.
Teaching the lil' guys everything he knows. 
He's always smiling, and constantly talking our ears off.
He's helpful & joyful.
So much I didn't know about him back then.

& Bo
I didn't know he would be the perfect combination of
Instead of picking me flowers...
"Mom!!!  Come outside!  I picked you a tree!"
I didn't know that he'd be fussy about how his hair looked.
I didn't know how he would stick his chest out & stand up extra tall with twinkling eyes when he was proud of himself.
I just didn't know.
I knew Annie the best when I started blogging.
I know every inch of her heart...cause she's me.
But I didn't know she'd end up touching
people's hearts, reaching many in a magazine
& in just a few short years she'd have her own blog.
I didn't know what a little lady she'd be.
Back then...
I had NO IDEA I'd have 5 kids.
I'm still in shock.
& I didn't know how quickly time would fly.
Since their childhood is slipping away far faster
than this Mama's heart can handle I knew it was time
 to get some pictures by my favorite photographer, 
I knew she'd be able to capture their childhood. 
And she did :)

Thanks Jessie for giving me a little bit of their childhood...forever.
(Now I need that Kleenex again )

(The slideshow shows up in my comp but not on my phone or ipads sorry!)