Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Sometimes little boys can be pretty sneaky,
like tonight when I told them
they could NOT have a snack before dinner...
But really most of the time instead of stealing snacks
they steal my heart.
I am always surprised at what they dream up next.

Even Kit at only 7 months is ALL boy.

Well, as "all boy" as you can get in a Pink Mustang Convertible.

But when they are driving me totally NUTS...
( I know, hard to believe)
I just peek through my instagram account
& fall in love with them again.

They are so cute in the pictures
when I can't hear anyone crying or yelling :)

It is true...
...Silence really is golden.

Except when they are under the desk sneaking crackers.

Monday, July 15, 2013

An Amazing Oppurtunity

My friend Martina over at

has the cutest magazine!
Isn't it adorable!?!
And I seriously couldn't believe it when
she asked me if she could feature our family! 
So Exciting! 
~Of course I jumped at the chance
It is a German Magazine and she has a feature to show how people live around the world.
~Kinda scary to be representing the United States~
What an honor!
And when I saw the is a gorgeous 6 page spread! 

So my little family,

is featured HERE
If you haven't visited Martina you totally should!
I dream of being her someday,
She is beautiful inside & out. 
I could stare at her artwork for hours,
it always makes me smile & relax.
A role model for sure.
I'm totally serious...I'm her fan :)
So when she asked ME?
Let's just say...I was overjoyed!
She even sent us a package of goodies
to thank us when we were the lucky ones!
Bo fell in love with this little guy she sent right away:
He is a sorrow eater.
When you are sad you can write your sorrow down & this lil' monster eats it up so you feel better :) 
He totally makes Bo happy & that
makes me happy.
Martina sure made our whole family feel special!
Thanks Martina!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm Wondering...

Today is Independence Day.
We do a lot of our celebrating the day before because
there are so many fun things to do.
This year I saw a picture of the American Picnic
& it got me wondering why I
never -in my whole life-
have made fried chicken before.
It's just so American.
So I decide it is time.
As I start...
I'm wondering why there are other settings
than HIGH on my stove.
My husband is wondering why I burn everything.
Bo is wondering why the house is so foggy.
Annie is are wondering what stinks terribly.
I am wondering why my pictures are so foggy,
...and why Roo is begging to go outside.
Kelly is wondering where all the kids have gone.
I'm wondering why we found them all out in the garage
...including Kit.
(Annie said he was coughing too badly.)
My neighbors are wondering why we are blowing
smoke out of our house with fans.
(and if our house is on fire.)
I'm wondering why it doesn't look like the magazine pictures.
I'm wondering if I should have actually followed the recipe.
I'm wondering why everyone is picking the
breading off their chicken.
& why Roo keeps dipping his watermelon in western dressing,
but that's a different story.
The kids are all wondering when our house will smell better.
I'm wondering if the people sitting next to us at the fireworks will notice we all smell like burnt grease.
I'm wondering if the dried on flour & water mixture all over my black tank top is that noticeable.
I'm glad it's dark.
I'm wondering why I made fried chicken when
Kentucky Fried Chicken is just down the block.
I'm also wondering how you celebrate!?
Happy 4th of July.
Hope you get to celebrate with family & friends.
And that your house never smells like ours.