Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flashback Craft

Is there anything more fun than rollerskating?

Last week we hit the rink with some friends.

The thing that surprised me was who liked it the most:

He's only 2!

Of course he rarely went the right way.

But he kept going & going for 3 hours!

He easily found a date for the couples skate.

Bo preferred to ride.

Me?  oh yeah I pulled out the old roller blades.
But I was a little embarrassed that someone
showed up in my same outfit:

Actually if I had legs like him I might
actually get some of those shorts!

But it brought me back...

To the days of leg warmers & sticker books.
So guess what  I made Annie this week?

A little typing & laminating:

She loved it.

Now we just have to keep our eyes open for some Smellies.
That page is still empty :)

What do you remeber from the 80's?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easiest Whoopies EVER!

Whoopie Pies tug at my heart. 
This sumer I tried about 5 different recipes but I never really found one that I loved.  I think they look a lot cuter than they taste.  But I came up with a little trick that I will tell you in a minute...

Today, I got a call that Annie was sick & to come pick
her up from school.  Since I am not entirely convinced she is ill :)  First words when she got in the car were,
"Can I lie on the couch & watch T.V. all day?"   
I am making her work here.

We needed a little break so I surprised the kids
with a little extra special snack...

Oreo Cakester whoopie pies!

The double stuffed work the best because
the filling goes over the edge.

I love them because there is no baking
& no mess...unless this is your decorating crew:

And while the kids snacked on the Oreo Cakesters,
Roo snacked on a little fresh snow
 I brought in for him to play with:

I prefered to sneak one of these:

They still are rich & creamy but not as heavy
as real whoopie pies.
So creamy that Bo couldn't finish his,
& I caught him stashing his in his junk drawer:

Boys :)

I think they would be great for class parties.

Anyway I hope you get time for a little treat today too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

I feel a little bad for kids who don't have an Aunt Cake.
Because if you have an Auntie Cake you don't just
take a Valentine box to school... take a Valentine house!

Annie & Cake made this from a
Build-a-Bear box.

Complete with a nest of love birds on the roof.

Every girl needs a Valentine Box with window boxes,

a mailbox,

and a little surprise inside.

Lucky girl.

These are the Valentine's Annie took to school today.

You have to read this one in your best robot voice.

My husband thought I was nuts coming up
with these cheesy sayings...

He thinks the kids won't get 'em at all.


I don't care...
I love them!

Hope your day is filled with Valentine Surprises!

I can hardly wait to come home from
Bible Study today to see all your Valentine sweetness!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Big Day

Today is formal day at Annie's school.
Oh how I wish I could peek in her classroom!
4$ thrift store dress
some ribbony straps sewn on (thanks mom:)
feeling so pretty!

Some little high heels were the perfect touch.

Oh, and last night 15 minutes PAST bedtime she says,
"Oh Mom...I need a
Annie for President
poster tomorrow."

So off to the store I went.
Stayed up late doing her my homework.

I just did the scallop border & her name in black glitter.
This morning she worked on the little flap hearts that open to tell you why to vote for her, and she glued all the hearts.

Then, I imagined everyone else bringing in a little
piece of printer paper decorated with markers
& wonder if we might have over done it.

I have a feeling we did.

Actually, there are so many kids in her class that would be
AMAZING class presidents.  Good luck everyone!

Every morning before she heads out the door
I give her motherly's:

Don't go looking for compliments today.
Look for ways to compliment others.

Make sure you let whoever wins class president know you are proud of them, shake their hand with a big smile!

Be confident & know that you are loved.