Saturday, September 22, 2012

We couldn't help ourselves :)

In a home FULL of little boys,

Annie & I don't get a lot of girl time.
But when we do....we have sooooo much fun!

The other day Auntie Cake took the boys
& we had our chance.

She picked a flower and put it in my hair.
Then, when we were heading to the Mall I was going to take it out.
"Mom, you have to wear it to the Mall."
"Okay Honey, but only because you picked it for me, but you have to tell me if it wilting."
"Yeah, and cause I don't really want to walk around with a mom with a dead flower in her hair."

Thanks kid.
Lunch of course...Chinese.

Then we hit Claire's and found treasures.

The cutest little billfold,

and lots of  sparkly stuff.!
Even I was in the mood for a little bling!
But wouldn't you know...
a few weeks later my phone was missing an awful lot of jewels.
(Something to do with that house full of boys).
So yesterday I peeled them all off, gathered my supplies
& used the (now) clear case to start fresh.
The hardest part was choosing:
Pink & Turquoise                or                   Gold

Stripes won :)
Clear tacky glue a stripe inside the cover with a paint brush.

& repeat.

Now here is my big tip :)
Use a dry paint brush to clean out the loose sprinkles between stripes.  It makes the job a lot easier!
And when you are done you have a case with sprinkles on the inside so little boys' fingers can not pick them off :)
& no one will have a phone just like yours.
(you can order clear cases LOTS of places :)
12 bucks here.
 Gotta be girly!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I Thought She Was Crazy...

My kids have been picking their garden at the farm, and every Saturday they bring home loads of veggies.  My husband has been teaching them to preserve them. 

 Last night it was apple butter.
But, there is one bucket that comes home every week that we are not quite sure what to do with them all.
We eat some.
We mash some into the potatoes.
We share some.
But we still end up throwing some out every week.
     Then my mom said, "Why don't you have a rutabaga stand.  Fifty cents a piece."
     I thought she was crazy,  "No way.  No one would buy them.  That would be way too funny.  A rutabaga stand!"  I laughed. 
    "YAY!!!  We want to sell rutabagas!!!" agree Annie & Bo. 
    "You guys are nuts!,"  I laughed again.
But, today after school we went to my mom's.
She set them all up and they had what might possibly be the
world's first Rutabaga Stand.
And to my surprise, it wasn't very long...
...before the customers started rolling in.
This guy was extra fun. 
    Swung a u-turn, parked in the middle of the four lanes and jumped out, "I have never seen a rutabaga stand in my whole life!  I saw you and I thought to myself I just have to go to a rutabaga stand today.  You guys just made me so happy!"
He gave them a whole handful of change & left everyone smiling.
And before long.
They sold out.
Even the little ones.
Their bucket full of rutabagas & empty money tin...
turned into an empty bucket and a tin full of money.
They made 10 bucks.
Turns out Nana isn't so crazy after all :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Fresh Start

Her backpack is stuffed with brand new supplies.
Her lunch is packed with kisses,
and a sparkling black raspberry surprise.
The important keepsake pictures were snapped.
And of course her nails were done!
(Jamberry nails from Victoria)
She has been gone an hour and Bo keeps asking
"When is Annie coming home?"
It's boy time.
Which I love.
Now I just want to get out my love note journals
and write Annie a letter in hers.
Not to hard to figure out which one is hers :)
She will get it when she graduates.
I still need to find the perfect verse
to cover her school year in prayer and blessings.
And right before we go pick her up,
we will fill the house with the
smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
My big sis Kate has taught that this is a must!
Happy Third Grade Baby!
Let your confidence & sweetness shine!