Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Day

It has been snowing like crazy! 
18 inces & counting. 
Doesn't keep us Minnesotans down though! 

First, my husband snowblowed 9 driveways & pulled 5 people out of the ditch
(all for free just because he has a HUGE heart).

Then, for a special surprise on a snowy day with no school we took Annie to one of her favorite places...the mall.  She has been wanting so badly to get her ears pierced & today seems like just as good of a day as any!

It was so much fun!

The anticipation.

The fear.

The Victory!

The twinkle in her eyes.
She smiled all the way home.

That makes this snowy day...
...extra special!
And I didn't even cry :)

Speaking of special days...
...this brand new SUPER CUTE blog:
not only has lots of adorable posts but,
also showcases the custom maps they
design for your special day!

Just look at this wedding map!

You have to go take a peek at ElizaJane!!!

More ElizaJane Maps HERE.

Hope today was special for you too!!!
I want to hear about it!

I am pretty sure Annie is smiling still in her sleep.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Valentine's Day was going perfectly & the kids were being so sweet.  Rocco ran to meet Annie at the door & when she saw all the balloons her eyes got big & she said, "Wow!  You guys lit this place up like it's dynamite."  :) 

She came home as every first grader should,
filthy from a hard day of play &
a bag full of Valentine's tight in her fist.
She couldn't wait to get to the table to open her bag.
She passed them out to the boys too.
"Bo you can have this Buzz Lightyear one."
"Rocco, here is some candy for you."
Since she goes to a private school
they can give homeade food,
look at these little tarts
filled with jam she got!
So sweet.

She shared so much that Bo grabbed her face
& pulled her over for a kiss!

I was thrilled to have caught it on camera!!!
Dinner time came
& I was excited because I planned
a chocolate fondue dinner!

I thought how fun for the kids
& yummy for me.
(Steak for Kel)

Besides, look what the box says:
Now THAT is the trick.
Whoever came up with the slogan did not really
know what was in the box.

Here look:
Skewers + Bo = 
I have no idea why I did not
see this coming!

I feel so stupid now!

"Bo, why is that balloon losing air?"
"Bo, give me that skewer.... where did you get THAT one?"

"Bo!  Leave those hearts alone."
"Bo, why are there all these
holes in the table cloth?"

(Which by the way was the first
 time in my life I ever bought a plastic
table cloth but I just could foresee
chocolate all over.  Smartest thing I did all day)

And then there was Rocco:
and this is only 2 minutes into it.
He went straight into the tub.

Annie & Kelly's faces say it all:
After I said:

"Bo!  You almost poked me in the eye!"

I excused Bo thinking it would be much safer,
but then I still found myself saying,

"Bo!  Did you seriously just whack me in the
back of the head with the broom while I am
eating?  Put it away!"

"Bo!  Where on earth did you
get that hockey stick? 
Put it back down stairs!"

Oh my :) 

At one point Kelly said, "I think we are
beginning to lose control here."

I looked at him & laughed,
 "Beginning to?  It is gone."

He looked me in the eye,
"Really, do you really think so?"

Yes Hon.

Annie was the only kid who
really was ready for this :)
The funny thing is even though it was messy
AND dangerous
It was a really nice night.
Special even.

And that is the magic of Valentine's Day :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Little Valentines

The sun was coming up.

I slipped into my Valentine T. 

The decorations were hung.

The table was set.

3 little valentines were waiting on the table.

All I need now are my 3 little Valentines.

They are pretty early risers so we started
Valentine's Day bright & early.

& of course my big Valentine:
I sure love that guy!

All Rocco cared about was his little box of chocolates.

His little hand was in & out of that
box over & over again!

Annie wrapped her valentine for her BFF.
And at 7:55 Annie was out the door.

The boys and I had stuff to do
to get ready for tonight.

We picked up dinner supplies & of course,
red heart balloons.

Hope you are having a
Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

'Twas the Night Before Valentine's Day

All afternoon the kids helped make
Valentine's Day decorations...

...but they didn't know they were
 making the decorations :)

When Bo was all done I said, "Good job Honey!!!"
because I couldn't believe he kept
all the glitter on the plate.

Then he looked at that big plate of extra glitter,
looked at me,
took a deep breath,
 & blew as hard as he could!

I had Annie draw LOTS of hearts for me to cut out,
I just love the character of kids hearts.
So much cuter than mine!
And then with my LOVE BUGS all snuggled in bed.
I got to work decorating.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow!

Oh & if you want some
(& I mean adorable!!!)

like this that I am adding to my sidebar:

Then head over to the creator: 

She has some cute stuff for you
for Valentine's Day! 

Happy Valentine's Day!
I am sure I will be back then :)