Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poor Kit!

Kit just lays there.
So innocent so sweet,
he doesn't do anything to deserve baby torture.
But, in the last two weeks alone. 
I have caught the boys doing odd things to poor Kit.
Rocco was trying to nurse him.
Roo was trying to get him to stop crying,
by fixing him up with Band-aids.
And Bo...
well, I found Kit covered in pepperoni...
(which he actually seemed to really like)
but it had Bo written all over it. 
Poor Kit.
I can't even imagine what this babes life will be like.
At least it'll be interesting
he'll always have friends.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Make it Count

We are getting a BIG SNOW right now as I type.
And when you think of us Minnesotans you might be thinking,
"It's suppose to snow!  You live in Minnesota!"
But by now we are usually wearing shorts to school,
even if our legs are cold.
Most people like to hunker down when it starts piling up,
but not my husband, so when I suggested
we go grab a treat he was in. 
We got our jammies on to go out. 
We piled in the car & headed down the road.
Three hours ago it had been green
& we had hope that Spring might come.
Kelly was just happy to get the chance to
spin the tires while I grab onto the dash board going, "Kelly!" 
His eyes always twinkle when I furrow my brows at him.
(& I wonder why my boys are rascals)
But he always manages to get us where we need to go safely,
and tonight we needed to get here:
Then like magic,
just stepping through this door turns a frosty night...
...into a cozy one.
I'm not gonna lie...
there was a little ruckus with Roo
& some flying chocolate for Kit,
And I went home with my jeans looking like this:
(Yes, that IS practically my whole leg)
I even took Roo for a cold timeout in the snow
because I don't let him carry on in restaurants.
But there was a also a bit of this:
and a bit of that:
Oh & some of this too!
and by the time we left I knew
it was a night we had made count.
And now it's here, captured.
In twenty years when people are still talking about
"the snowiest April back in 2013"
 and Kit doesn't remember a thing about it,
I'll show him how I put his car seat
out in the snow for him to enjoy a few flakes.
I also am a little magical,
 just turned his blankie over & Poof!...clean!
Not so much with my jeans.
Here's hoping for a snow day! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

It forgot to come...

Today, everyone is in their
and we have our
ready to go.
But Spring forgot to come.
Not stopping us though.
We are just pretending it came.
Today we were "jumping in puddles" & "catching butterflies."
Spring really is too much fun to let it slip by.
So even if it is 34 degrees & snowy,
we are gonna do Spring anyway.

Monday, April 8, 2013

I really shouldn't have...

my phone.
A little more than a person should.
Roo is as attached to my phone as I am.
You know how most kids like a blankie?
When Roo gets tired...he asks for my phone.
I have about a dozen pictures of him sleeping like this:
Because he always does.
Even right at this very moment he is up in his crib
with Annie's toy cell phone.
My favorite thing about my phone is the camera.
I am capturing our life with that little baby gadget!
Yesterday I set it on the hood of the car to help one of the kids with his shoe.  I looked at it & thought,
"I really shouldn't put it there."
& I shouldn't have.
My husband pulled in at that very moment
& instead of grabbing it...I walked out of the garage to greet him.
(His fault for being so cute.)
Then we all jumped in the car to go pick up Annie.
When we got home,
"Where is my phone?"
I knew.
My stomach dropped
because I knew.
We used
app to locate it about 2 miles away,
in a ditch.
But then it looked like this:
& I felt my heart sink, really sink, more than it should have.
I told my hubby I'd just wait for July until my contract was up.
I meant it, but inside I didn't like it too much.
An hour a later he had a new screen put on it by the
Gadget Guru.
He really takes good care of me :)
The camera doesn't work
& I will miss Instagram.
July will be here fast
& Roo is happy again.
(Me too.)
Between this & the green M&M
 I have had lots of expensive lessons recently.
Just don't do it girls...
don't do it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Finally made it...

Annie has been asking me for weeks
to make her a checklist with things to do each day. 
I had her write me a list of things
she wanted to do everyday & I typed it out.
She said, "I didn't put homework on the list."
I said, "No, but I did."  

Any good mom would right? :)

I also added in the do something nice part hoping
I might benefit once or twice.

She said, "I have to do something nice everyday?!!!"

Just for fun we made the checklists into a tablet.
Have you ever made one?
You just need these.
The jars are just weights.
Cut the papers & make sure they are exactly the same size.
I stacked all the tops halves together
& all the bottom halves together. 
(That helps the writing line up better.  Makes the tablet neater.)

Line the pages up as perfectly as you can and
paint the edge with Elmer's school glue.

Then just smash it between a cutting board
& a pan with weights. (cutting board just keeps your table clean)
Apply a few coats of glue as it dries &
Waa laa!
I also made each kids their own pad with their name on it.
It is really easy to do them all at once. 
Just stack every one's tablet paper together in one big pile
& then glue them all together. 
Then when they dry you can just tear them off in chunks.
One thick pad becomes 4 little pads.
Breakfast had some busy,
little people.
Just the way I like them.
After school Annie is going to make one for her teacher.
They would make great teacher gifts OR birthday party favors!  Slap on any pic to suit your theme!
They would  be cheap gifts for teachers to make with their students for gifts for parents too.
Hope you have fun with them!