Saturday, August 30, 2014

Always an Adventure...

When you are a mom of little boys there is one thing you just have to do:


Yuck...I know...

So, last night for the first time EVER we loaded up our new tent, drove 2.5 hours to a beautiful state park.  Got our spot, got the tent out & it started to rain.  No...It started to POUR, thunder AND lightning, as Kelly and I attempted to put this tent together in the dark, (except for when it would lightning...then we could see for a sec), all with 5 little faces peering out the back window of our SUV.  After 20 minutes we got back in the car SOAKED, buckled everyone in & drove home.  True story.  

The kids never pouted once, in fact, they thanked us over & over again for trying.  It really was pretty funny, 5 hours in the car with 5 kids and no vacation.  

So this afternoon...

The tent went up in the backyard.

They were all pretty pleased with themselves & I'm pretty sure they were all thinking last nights tent fail was my help vs. theirs.  

Dinner was Franks & Beans over the fire.

With camping it's the little things like cooking your own dinner,

and getting away with drinking your beans cause you can't remember where you put your spoon down,

sneaking the chocolate for the s'mores,

and chilling with Daddio.

The boys gobbled the beans,

(and apparently put their hot dogs right on the driveway.)

(Don't worry when I noticed it in the pic I got the kid a plate.)

Rocco took delight in gathering firewood...

...from my rock garden.

Okay, Okay, so we are not legit campers.

I won't be earning this badge:

I'll admit that when the rain started tonight I snuck inside with Kit as the rest of the crew hurried to the tent.  

So they are out there:

while the 2 of us will be snug in our comfy beds...

...oooh scratch that...
the door just opened & 2 boys in their tighty whities are coming in with their flashlights claiming it's too hot (Its 69 degrees).

Well, the 4 of us will be cozy 
& Annie, Rocco & Kel will earn this tonight:

Good night friends!