Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Other Bo

I always ask the kids what they
want to be for Halloween. 
I was suprised when Annie said" Little Bo Peep".

 1 Little House on the Prairie Bonnet,
1 "Southern Belle" dress from Walmart,
1 stick from my sister's yard &
1 sheep from the toy box
& BAM! 
Little Bo Peep!

Okay, I know...one or two pictures would do,
but, I am her mom! 
I love that kid looking so sweet :) 

To see where Bo Peep got to go 
Trick-or-Treating pop over to her Auntie Cake's blog
Really everyone needs an Auntie Cake.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Spooky Farm

We went to a little family farm market to get pumkins this weekend.  The whole yard was decorated!  It was amazing!!!  The  wife does all  the decorating by herself!  Here is just a little peek:

This witch hanging from the tree was my favorite! 
 Look at the black cat on the back of her broom!
So Kelly & I sat back & watched the kids pick out their pumpkins:
(He was much better looking when I married him,
his eyeballs weren't so hairy).
Rocco seemed to like the green ones.
Annie picked out the prettiest
(most expensive one there, of course).
Okay...not so pretty, but she was in love.
And tough guy Bo...he was NOT leaving the wagon
because of all the spookies around there.
While Annie acted brave...well, not too brave.
And you know the little problem I have been
having with treats lately? 
 Of course we left with these homeade goodies
(plus a a little sack of cookies which never made it home).
But this little number in the front...HEAVEN IN A JAR!!!!! 

I am thinking it would make an awesome gift
for Sunday School teachers. 
Oh & of course you Marcia :)

So, after Halloween Annie & I will be trying out
a few spoon fudge recipies & if they
 turn out any good...I'll let you know.  

Let me know if you have Pumpkin Patch
pictures to swing by & see! 
 I LOVE them!!!

MN friends...we visited
if you want to go take a peek for yourselves!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Ooooey Goooey

Today my sisters & their kiddos came over (10 kids between us) &  we had the kids make popcorn balls.

I won't lie...it got a bit crazy, A LOT MESSY, & there were some screaming babies but they turned out oh so good!!!
For fun we hid snakes & spiders inside.

Bo put a big snake in his.

Annie put a skeleton in hers & left the creepy hand hanging out.

My neice Zadie had her own creative
style jamming them full of goodies!

And the fussy babies just snacked.
 But as you can see Calvin is very talented & can eat no handed.

We made 3 flavors & you can find
the colored ball recipie HERE 
& the white ones HERE.
The verdict is still out on the best flavor. 
I fully expected to like the white ones
but was crazy about the orange.
My lil' sis liked the white &
My big sis voted grape.
Let me know what you decide!

Kate's Nature Girl made this one for you!
Let me know if you whip some up!

P.S.  Can you tell I am oh so pregnant?  My last few post have been all about treats!!!  I gotta work on this :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ghost Roast

This weekend we had a party
at the farm & one of the
biggest hits was roasting Peeps!

We did both pumpkins & ghosts
but the ghosts seemed to be the favorites.

Since they were so good...
we roasted a few more today.

They get all crunchy on the outside
and really soft & gooey in the inside!

Rocco likes them better cold.
He snatched one & made a run for it.

But very soon he came running back
crying & when we realized
why we had a good laugh.

Turns out Kate's chickens liked the ghosts too!

Before I go I have to show you the
cute lunch she made for the boys today:

That sister of mine even knows
 how to make peanut butter
sandwhiches irresitable! 

The boys gobbled them up!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

After School Treat

Today I made the kids a little treat for
when Annie came home from school.

But the problem is...
...we couldn't wait for her to get home.  :)

They were much cuter in my head,
but they sure did taste good!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This April...

April Showers usually bring May flowers.
But, this April, I am expecting...
10 more tiny fingers & ten more tiny toes.

I'm expecting a baby.  :)

Photos of Rocco by Joyful Girl Photography.

Flowers from Microsoft.