Monday, June 14, 2010

My Sparkly Garden

I went outside to check on Annie to find her and the neighbor girls BEAUTIFYING my garden, "We are making them smell good!"
Scented, glitter, body spray.

Fruit Cake, Peppermint, & Blueberry Muffin.
"Okay...but only my Daisies."  I agree as I grab my camera.

The "Sweet Smellers"

Was that a mistake!
Here are a few reasons I had to use my knock it off voice, "ANNNNNIIEEEEE!"

(Although, what husband wouldn't want to drive around with the back of his pick-up covered in glitter?  I actually let her get in quite a few squirts on the truck :)

But, I had to draw the line when I heard,
"Let's go get Stinkbomb!!!" 

I knew Stinkbomb was the name of her toad she caught that morning.  Instead, I made her set him free
 (We have the "No Overnight Pets" rule.)
So, I made the girls surrender the bottles & go inside.

When I went in through the garage door I got a little surprise myself!

Yes...a handful of glitter...fruitcake, I think :)

And wouldn't you know...about 3 minutes later I heard the door open & went to go see who was sneaking outside...

I knew what he was up to.
Hand it over Bo.
Drat!  Foiled again!
But my bushes sure are sparkly!

That was Saturday and then Sunday night...our neighbors...our dear friends moved.  So we are really sad!!!  And today...
I keep peeking to see if the new neighbors have moved in yet. 

All we know is...they probably don't have kids...we are a little bummed out, but we are sure that we will have a good time getting to know them!


MS/AC Fan said...
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MS/AC Fan said...

Your whole family is going to miss those neighbor kids! Hope your new neighbors are just as sweet.

clau said...

Hi Libbie !!
Gardens are beautiful and mysterious places where children can enjoy their time and learn to love the nature!
Love gardens and flowers so thank you to share with us this lovely pictures!
You are so sweet!
Italian greetings!

Anonymous said...

What sweet, creative, girls! Iam sure everything in site looks and smells lovely! lol

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

The three of them look like Charlie's Angel's in that one photo! So funny!

LibbyLibbyLibbyLibbyLibby said...

I just laughed, giggled, snorted while reading this post! Absolutely adorable!!!

m.e (Cathie) said...

i would love that, glittery, sparkly garden!!!
how cool are your little ones.
happy week Libbie

Sugar and Spice Mommy said...

ahh ha ha!! sooo cute!!

Ash said...

lol - your girl and her friends are so GIRLY! that's a good thing i must say. ;) the step-by-step pics are awesome. bo is too cute and i can say it 100000000000000th times! :D

~ash's mum

Two Shades of Pink said...

I would love my bushes to be glittery! We still have not tackled the landscaping yet but glitter would make e smile every time I drove up the driveway! And losing neighbors IS so sad. You would not think so but the dynamic just suddenly changes on the street. But a lot of times in a good way! But it is hard! Please, please always do posts like this. I LOVE THEM!

koralee said...

Oh how I love children....they can find joy in doing anything. But really this world can use some glittering up. xoxoxo

Rosie said...

Oh my Darling,
you know I love sparkly things...and to have not only an entire yard, but also a vehicle that glitters...oh my I can't even fathom that JOY...
H*A*P*P*Y T*U*E*S*D*A* Rosie...xoxo

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Soooooo sweet - what would life be without some kisds and some fun and some glitter. Marilyn Monroe said: we are all stars, we deserve the right to sparkle!

Cassandra Frear said...

So I'll know why my bushes are sparkly if it ever happens!!

Karen said...

laughing....your neighbors will love your sparkly plants! They'll fall in love with your kiddos too! :)

Just Add Walter said...

haha that is so funny! thanks for following my blog - I am your newest follower too! Can't wait to get to know you better!!

Rosie said...

Just popped over for a little "glitter goodness"...come on over and I'll put the kettle Rosie

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

That was a little Alice in Wonderland like! We're painting the roses...fruitcake glitter! It always amazes me what kids will come up with to entertain themselves. :) Thank goodness you heard them heading toward stinkbomb, that could have ended badly! Good luck with the new neighbors, Theresa

Obee Designs said...

Hi Libbie,
So sorry, it has been way too long that I have been by to visit but just know I think about you and your family a ton. I am so sad to hear you have lost your good friends/ neighbors. I know what that feels like. There is something so wonderful about a neighborhood with special friends. It extends the borders of your home to include that of your neighbors and there are times when you feel like you are living and enjoying life as one big happy family. I remember sitting in the window with my daughter when she was little and wondering if a new play friend was going to get out of the car behind the moving truck. I hope you will be blessed with wonderful new neighbors and the possibility new memories to be made.
It sounds like your precious little Annie is working on making the neighborhood smell so sweet that you could only attract some new sweet neighbors. I sure hope they like glitter too!!
I have to say I LOVE the way her mind works. She reminds me of myself when I was little. I think she has such a great spirit. You are a wonderful, nurturing mom that allows all your kids to express themselves. That is such a great gift to give them. You are obviously very patient. I would have been freaking out about all that spraying and glittering, but you encourage it in a good way. Your kinds are learning great things from these kinds of experiences. That is the stuff that happy childhood memories are made of. You can't put a price on that stuff!! How lucky they are to have Auntie Cake as a role model too. That Kate is a real winner too. I'm guessing your parents are pretty great people...look how great you guys turned out??!!
I'm so glad to finally get a chance to come over and say hi. Tell Kate I will catch up with her soon. I have to go and screw my head back on my body, it has blown off from all the pressure. Here's to hoping things calm down soon...well not to much, a little excitement is good. HeHe
Hope you are having a sweet smelling and sparkly day. Try to keep your son away from those gorillas, therapy as an adult can get expensive :)

Rosie said...

This is your cue to break out in a happy dance...IT"S FRIDAY, my dear...have fun with your kidlets...sending you a Rosie

The French Bear said...

Awww, they are so cute, come on Mom, what a bit of glitter and some sweet scent!!!! Ha ha, I love the back of the truck one!!! Kids just think of everything don't they.....looks like you may your hands full!!! I miss those days, even with the grandkids, it's not the same but still lots of fun! Hope you have nice neighbours...maybe they will have grandkids!!!
Margaret B

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Sooooo how did Annie's party go on Sat.? Inquiring minds need to know! Have bo and Rocco initiated the new neighbors to the neighborhood yet? Hope all is well, Theresa

jorth said...

What a great memory!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Hi Libbie, Thanks for stopping by and filling me in, I cannot wait to see pics! Now you have me curious about the cupcakes... I'll be on the look out for your post! Good luck with the crew while your hubbies away, your a brave, brave girl! Take care, Theresa

He & Me + 3 said...

Nothing beats sparkling bushes. They are too cute with their spray bottles.

Marla said...

Too funny. I just love the way your kids make life so interesting. Love it!

Sorry about losing your neighbors. I hope you got great new ones. Wish it was me. :-)