Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I don't think I was prepared how busy I would be.
No...I am sure I wasn't.

Roo has been busy growing.

Annie has been busy working hard at school.

And the boys...well they have been BUSY!!!

Today my sweet neighbors babysat the BIG BOYS just to give me a little time with just Roo.  They raised 2 boys of their own & are expecting their 3rd grandchild any day.  They know a lot more about raising boys than I ever will :) 

They came home with the sweetest
little little tub of graham crackers and a project.

Rocco didn't want to waste one sprinkle.

And Bo was soooo proud of what he made with Mrs. Kathy.

Easter Egg garland.

I never would have thought of doing something
so fun with the boys. 
I need to get better at that.

And just since I have started this blog post...I have stopped 3 times to wipe tears, change diapers, & clean up messes you would rather not read about.

But I have lots of little good surprises too. 
Like these gorgeous flowers I received from someone
 I treasure like a sister.

Bo loves how much the doorbell is ringing & yells,
"We got a livry!"

My girl Beth sent these adorable bunnies!

and my Etsy bracelet from another
BETH brought me lots of smiles too!
Just look at those Daisies!!!

Annie is trying to convince me it looks better on her
...but I am not falling for it.

I ordered a bath fizzy too from Beth,
maybe I will share this one with Annie...maybe.

You can check out Beth's Store right HERE.

Now the count of stops is up to 7
& Rocco is starting to cry so I think I better go. 

Yep...I had no idea how busy I'd be.
But sooner or later I will get the hang
of this "mom of four kids" thing, right? 

I sure hope so :)


Victoria said...

I just love updates from your family--you guys are always up to something! I love Annie's project up there and the boys just keep getting bigger. They're the sweetest.

How are you holding up?

Jaclyn Hicks said...

Looks like you will be just fine! Such a beautiful family!

Shelley said...

Roo is beautiful. It looks like you're all having a lot of fun despite the busy times! I am going to send you a fb message with some open calendar times for next week. :)

Beth said...

Awww...thanks! I'm so glad you like the bracelet, and hopefully the bath fizzy, too. :D

Roo is so gorgeous! Not a surprise- all your kids are gorgeous. And that garland rocks.

Best of luck with the stops and messes, and I hope the rest of this week is fantastic for you!

MS/AC Fan said...

What fun 'liveries :)

Katharine said...

welcome to the "mom's of 4" group... Looks like you've already got the hang of it! Enjoy!

Gloria said...

What great neighbors you have! That garland is up there in the adorable department, so are your gorgeous kiddos!!

Enjoy your dear babies, sweet mamma!!


Gloria said...

Oh, I forgot...I have one of the green glass bunny dishes. I bought a green one for my oldest daughter, clear glass for my middle girl, and a pink one for my youngest girl...:) To match their likes, and make them remember their mamma! Enjoy!!

Trisha said...

Oh my goodness Roo is such a perfect little boy! You have some wonderful neighbors! Hope you are enjoy your busy life!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sure your busy but just look at the reason, nothing is better then a new baby to love and your other adorable children too! You are blessed. Cute pictures. How sweet of your neighbor taking the boys. Here is a link that has the best projects each day.
Love your bracelet and glass bunnies. Have a wonderful Easter.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

awesome! the baby is adorable! the "big" kids are really cute, too. love annie's hair. you got some great gifts there.

pollydove said...

My mom always said, "If you can have three kids, you could have ten, because three is just soooooo hard!" I don't know that I agree, but I do know that it just takes time to adjust to the additional little one! Four was hard for me because my fourth was just HARD!!! Adding a fifth didn't even seem like a big deal. You'll get the hang of it ... especially with help from the neighborhood grandparents! How sweet are they?!?!?! Great crafts - cutest banner - and I am loving that daisy bracelet! (Take naps whenever you can.)

Catherine said...

Sounds like you have lots of wonderful supporters around you ~ so much easier I think when a new baby is in the home. Very wonderful!!!

xo Catherine

Two Shades of Pink said...

Roo is just too precious...and Rocco looks so old all of a sudden! You ARE a fun mom...always. You are just in a new season of momdom right now and trying to find your footing with a fourth little blessing. Your busyness will turn into a groove again...but this first year is so fleeting so I am so excited you get to hold that precious baby. And your kids seriously are the cutest littles ever! Annie in front of her poster...I mean, come on! WAY CUTE!

Chrissy said...

Did I mention that baby is super gorgeous?

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Congratulations on your new little have BEAUTIFUL children.... simply beautiful.

Warm blessings,

Martina said...

Oh Libbie, i so admire you - for being able to blog and post at all, while changing diapers and doing all these things! So, so great! Having a little baby is so precious. Yet i do remember the sleepless night and the feeling of being busy and busy, yet work never gets finished. On pile of washing is replaced by the next one!
So sweet of your neighbours to help - and in such a way, making that beautiful garland!
Roo looks very sweet and so wide awake. Am sure he wants to follow the other ones as fast as possible! Have a fun day!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Ah Libbie honey I have been wondering so about how your holding up. Thank goodness you have a kind neighbor who is understanding. So wish it were me.
Never let me hear you put yourself down as a mother young lady I can not tell you how much I admire you as a mother.
Love love these pictures of everyone. Roo is already changing so much. lol Gosh I wish I were there to help you.
Your gifts and flowers are lovely. So deserving too.
I will be thinking of you Libbie and Kate on Easter Sunday.
Must go the injections yesterday have got me sore.
Love ya

Karen said...

Oh, Libbie, he is a doll! Those first months are so hard, I remember, and I only had two. I love that family and friends help. You WILL do all those crafts again, soon. Right now let those wonderful others help.

Blessings this Happy Easter!

koralee said...

Happy Easter to you all my sweet friend. You are busy and how lovely for the boys to have some yummy fun! Your Roo is adorable. xoxoxo hugs

birdie blue said...

your little ones are absolutely darling, libbie. you must have the sweetest neighbors, i bet they had a ball with your two little guys. love the pic of annie proudly standing in front of her school project.

enjoy your little roo and easter, too.

Monica said...

You are going to do just fine. With my 4th it took a little regrouping on my part to figure out how to juggle it all, but you will see that it just all falls into place naturally. I love your pictures and hearing about all of your kids :)

Can do mom said...

Congratulations! Your darling baby is beautiful! :) I love seeing the older boys with him, it's very sweet. Rocco looked so little until Roo came along. I remember feeling that way with my own children. Each baby is such a blessing, enjoy each moment. My oldest "baby" turns 18 next week!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Libbie, Roo is precious! I love Annie's school project. And so sweet of your neighbors to take the big boys for a bit. Looks like they had loads of fun while away. My best friend has 7 kids -- the oldest is 21 and the youngest is 7 months. The constant chaos and noise at her house is certainly something I could never deal with. But she says after the first few, it's all the same. Ha! Wishing you all the best. Have a blessed Easter weekend. Tammy

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Another beautiful post of your precious kids...their joy just beams! I wish I lived closer and could help you out...but then you would probably never get rid of me!

Cat said...

"I never would have thought of doing something so fun with the boys. I need to get better at that."

I woulda never thought of it either! And you are way, way more creative than I :)

I don't know how, but I need to work hard on getting better at that.