Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

Here in the USA we like to give May baskets on May first. 
You just hang a little basket of treats on your neighbors doorknob,
ring the bell, & RUN!!!
It seems like yesterday I did my May Day Post from last year!

But here it is the first of May.

This is the first year that Bo joined in on it.

He was so cute with his little basket in his hand.
His excitment was contagious!

Annie acted like the old pro,
"I'll take Bo, Mom.  I'll show him what to do."

Sounded good to me, I am getting a bit old for ringing the doorbell, running & hiding in the bushes.

They had LOTS of fun & only got caught once :) 
Happy May Day!

Do you do May baskets?


Anonymous said...

This is so wonderful Libbie! We did this when I was little and I haven't heard of anyone doing it for years. It actually brings tears to my eyes that someone somewhere is still enjoying this tradition. Bless you!!!! I think I'm going to start the tradition back up in my family!
As usual your post is a pure joy!! Enjoy your May 1st with your family :D

Can do mom said...

We used to do May Baskets when I was a girl. Ahhh, the memories! It's a sweet tradition. :) Too bad we're not your neighbors!

It's dh's birthday so we're having a May Day celebration of our own. Chicken on the grill (if he doesn't get frostbite out there, grilling) and his favorite cake. Mmmmmmm...

Happy May Day!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am like Diana it brings tears to my eyes that you and your sweet family still enjoy this holiday. Wish I would of thought of it sooner and surprised Gretchen with it.
Your pictures are just too darling of Annie showing her baby brother how to do this.
Hope you have a wonderful week honey

Shelley said...

I thought about doing it but we never got on the ball! Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet, they pictures are adorable. I had never heard of May baskets until this morning when I read about them on another blog. Sounds like a fun idea. Hugs

Victoria said...

I've never heard of this! It sounds like fun but down here you'd be taking your life into your own hands running around on the neighbor's property lol. I'll have to ask my mom if they did anything like this as kids. What a cute tradition!

In Light of the Truth... said...

I posted about this today too! And a friend referred me to you! SADLY it seems to be a lost tradition anymore!! Your baskets are so cute! When I was little we just filled plastic cups! LOL

koralee said... friend I have done May Day friend always leaves some flowers on my doorstep. This year May came so fast that I forgot all about doing it.

You are way too cute over there. Hugs. xoxooxxo

YHOSIE said...

i never heard of this idea before...
hahha... but sound like lots lots lots of FUN!
ur baskets are CUTE!

happy may day!

Jaclyn Hicks said...

This is so sweet! I wish I was one of your neighbors!

clau said...

Loooove it and yes May is a beautiful time!Great post as ever Libbie,my dear!!

Jo said...

What a neat idea and tradition! TFS.

Emily said...

So sweet! I love the idea of leaving special treats on someone's doorstep. :) Lucky neighbors.

Pen Pen said...

No, we never have done this, but I wish we had. I would LOVE To live your neighborhood and have sweet little Annie, Bo, and Rocco delivering a little basket to my house!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That is a great idea. I had never heard of that before!

pollydove said...

Oh I love that you do that with your children! We always used to make May Day baskets for our neighbors when I was a little girl in New York! Sadly, I haven't carried on that tradition with my own though ... boo! But yay for you!

Trisha said...

I used to do May Day baskets when I was little! I had one neighbor in particular that I would do it for. Of course she knew it was me but she pretended to be surprised! What a great memory for your kids!!


blueviolet said...

I did that when I was little, and it's such a fun tradition. I love that she helped him on his first go round with it!

Theresa said...

How cute that they were so excited to give goodies to the neighbors in secrecy! Those smiles are contagious... I'm sitting here grinning and I probably look foolish since nobody in the room knows why!!!
LOVE both of their rainboots! CMON SPRING!

Kristi said...

I've lived in the USA all my life and I've never heard of a May day basket. What sort of items do you leave? This is totally something I would do!


Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Dang...I wish I was your neighbor. How sweet Libbie and your kids look adorable as their boots!

Martina said...

Such a lovely custom. I have never heard of it here. But than, it's fun that countrys have their special things. I bet your neighbours had almost as much fun as your kiddos!

Cat said...

I, too, have lived in the US all my life and have never heard of this. Is there a history behind it? As always, your children are just beautiful.