Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Orphan Annie

Can you guess where my girl is off to tonight?
Off to see

at the Children's Theater
with some sweet friends!
Thanks guys!!!

Lucky Girl!

Just the boys & me tonight.
Speaking of boys...

Remember last week when I wrote about dancing in the kitchen with this guy?

While Annie & I were "doing the Mashed Potato"
& "doing the Twist."
Rocco was dancing behind the table for awhile.

Bo came up into the kitchen & says, "Holy Moley!  there are grapes all over the place & they are all smashed to bits!"

Turns out Rocco was doing a dance of his own,
& Bo was right...Holy Moley!  There sure were a lot of smooshed grapes!"

That boy knows how to have some fun :)

P.S. When Annie was at the play Annie tonight the theater took
her picture & put it on their facebook page :)

Kinda fun! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, what fun Annie will have. Plays at the Children's theater are fun, fun, fun. While you and Annie were doing the "Mashed Potato" Rocco was doing the "Mashed Grapes" how funny. I bet that was a bit juicy and sticky. But he was having fun and doing his own little dance. Hugs

Theresa said...

OH my gosh.... she could totally play the part of Annie! wow that sounds weird... she does play the part of Annie, but you know what I mean!
Could your kids be any cuter? I love her little missing tooth smile and well Rocco, he is just plain adorable, smashed grapes and all.
Her birthday party looks so special and that cake looks delish. You are right, what a fun cake! I am not much of a baker either, and well decorating cakes was always my mom's thing. Should have paid attention when she was trying to teach me I guess! Actually I always figured my hands shake too bad to make a cake look good.
have a great night! love, t. xoxoxooxoxo

Two Shades of Pink said...

Oh I absolutely melted at the sight of Annie in that outfit! The curls, the smile, that sweet angel face! OH that girl just puts my heart in a big puddle! And your Rocco...yes, that boy is a big package of cute mischief. Your kids have got to be the cutest on the planet...tied with mine of course. Love your kid posts. LOVE EM!

Trisha said...

She is the perfect "Little Orphan Annie"! One of my favorites from way back when! Looks like she is going to have a lot of fun! What do you call that new dance? The sun will come out tomorrow...have a great rest of the week Libbie!


Victoria said...

She looks just like LOA! How cute! I hope she had a good time!

Your boys are adorable!

It's me said...

Hhaahhahah!! so nice !! ana?? did she enjoy Annie??..lovely day

Polka Dot Daze said...

Is she off to see it - or star in it? What a cutie! I wish I was going too.

T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh my goodness! They are not gonna know who the star of the show is when the real Annie shows up! :) Adorable! Wonder if Rocco was trying to make wine. Ha! Have a terrific Thursday. Tammy

Jo said...

That's cool that they took Annie's picture and posted it.

Smooshed grapes huh? Well, at least it was on the kitchen floor and not on carpet. :-)

Little Penpen said...

Ok, where did you find that dress?? she is the PERFECT Annie! I'll bet the grape clean up was a mess!

MS/AC Fan said...

Did you vacuum it up for wine?

pollydove said...

Libbie, Libbie, Libbie ... is your heart just singing today! How stinkin' adorable is that? The dress, the curls, the LOCKET! You are too cute. And WAY cool that they posted her picture!

michelle said...

She is just adorable and looks just like Annie!! I bet she had a wonderful time and that is so cool that they put her picture on their facebook.
Hopefully no permanent stains were made from the grapes, that is too cute.

Martina said...

Annie looks great in that dress - she looks so confident and sweet. And i love the grape dance story - ha, tell me about boys ;) Happy weekend Libbie! xx

Can do mom said...

Hi Libbie!
The girls and I have just returned from our big trip and I'm finally sitting down to the computer to look at a few blog posts. I suppose I should think about writing one myself...

Annie looks absolutely adorable. She has such a strong resemblance to Little Orphan Annie!

Hope all is well with you and your delightful family. Enjoy our fleeting summer!

koralee said...

Hi sweet friend..I have missed you...sending you oodles of love for a happy July 4th. Your Annie melts my heart. xoxox

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hi honey I just came by to wish you all a very Happy and safe 4th of July.
I could of swore I already commented on this post but I don't see it. Annie as always is just adorable. Her beauty brings a smile to my face everytime I see this darling.
Hope your had a great vacation.